I believe that everyone can create a life doing what they love to do.


Hey! I’m Jessica, a creative designer and brand strategist. I provide creative solutions for business owners and also help other creatives take the steps forward into doing work they love.

As a designer I love all the shiny tools, but as a yogi (and total hippie at heart) I advocate for pairing tactics with heart to launch grounded and timeless brands that behave kind of like the little black dresses of the online world.

Years back when I started working with branding, I soaked up so much about strategy, content creation, and design, and at the same time was taking as many yoga and meditation classes as I possibly could. So it was kind of like this synergy of the best of both worlds. On one hand, the chi of creativity, and on the other, the strategy behind it.

So today, I weave it all together and pair strategy with intuitive design to help new business owners create from a place that fuels them and breathes fresh life into their work.

I offer design and creative services to bring pen-and-paper ideas to life, brand coaching to help foster breakthroughs, and a free online group to provide support and community.

Whether we get to know each other over a shared love of design, lattes, or yoga postures, I want to help you get clear on your big vision so you can go all in and experience all the goodness that’s waiting to unfold for you as a result. Here’s to your success!

Hugs & high fives,



Birmingham, AL

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