5 Simple Switches Toward a Chemical Free Home

5 Simple Switches Toward a Chemical Free Home

One of the things I love nowadays is the access that we have to information. We can find information about everything, about what is going into our homes, into our bodies, and into our lives. We have never been more informed, more empowered, and more able to make decisions that are right for the wellness of ourselves, our families, and our planet. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s why it’s so easy now to make simple switches toward a non-toxic lifestyle. Back in the day, this type of information wasn’t easily accessible. But today, we’ve got the power to know better and do better.

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5 Simple Switches You Can Make Toward a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

The key to this is the word “simple.” Because if it’s not simple, it’s not sustainable. We’ve got hectic lives, some of y’all may have kids running around. So it’s important to find switches that fit into your daily lives seamlessly and naturally. If it’s not joyful and wonderfully simple, it’s not really a sustainable switch. I think honestly that this era of time for so many of us is all about busting down the barriers and the complexities that we’ve built up over the years and getting back down to basics. Simple is better. And that’s why so many people are switching to all-natural products. Both for the health of their families and also themselves. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

1.) Thieves Household Cleaner

If you only make one household switch, let it be this. This cleaner can literally clean anything in your home - windows, floors, carpet, walls, countertops, car interiors, toilets, showers, all of it - and it smells just like the Christmas.

Thieves Household Cleaner is a simple antibacterial and antifungal cleaning solution created with Thieves blend essential oil. This includes cinnamon bark, lemon, rosemary, clove, and eucalyptus. Now, weather you use Young Living oils or not, this is the one household product I would recommend for anyone simply because of the amount of products it can replace.

One jug of Thieves Cleaner can run you anywhere between $22 and $100 depending on the size, but because this cleaner requires being diluted with water for most uses, that one jug could last you a year or more. And this is why most people purchase separate amber glass spray bottles to house their Thieves cleaning solutions in. When you put this into perspective and take into account other chemical-based cleaning products you may purchase, such as bleaches, mildew cleaners, Clorox wipes, Windex, Toilet bowl cleaner, and more, it’s just kind of a no-brainer.

I remember once, I was cleaning my bathroom with traditional cleaners. I had the door open, the fan on, as is suggested to do, and I remember standing up and still getting so woozy from the fumes. So, it seems unnecessary to me to use chemicals in order to stay healthy when there are such better alternatives. As I said, when we know better, we do better.

Take a look at this bacterial test. But don’t stop here, look up all the tests available online to see the results for yourself.

Take a look at this bacterial test. But don’t stop here, look up all the tests available online to see the results for yourself.

Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 fl oz. bottle. One bottle could last months to years, depending on your usage. A sample packet of Thieves cleaner comes in the  premium starter kit.

Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 fl oz. bottle. One bottle could last months to years, depending on your usage. A sample packet of Thieves cleaner comes in the premium starter kit.

2.) Ditch the Toxic Candles & Wall Plug-Ins

I know, I know, we all love candles and all things that smell good. Smells are like sacred things! They are what we reach for when the seasons change, when the holidays roll around, or when we want a romantic or relaxing night in. I totally get it, and I’m totally on board with you. I love when my world smells great, too.

But what I don’t love, is the ingredients list that so many candles or plug-ins have that sacrifice our health in exchange for a couple hours of nice smells. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are just a few of those harmful ingredients:

Most candles are made from paraffin wax - which creates benzene and toluene when burned, and these are known carcinogens that are also found in diesel fumes. Yuck.

Some more harmful ingredients? According to this article:

Other toxic chemicals that may be present in the paraffin mixture and released through burning include: Acetone, Trichlorofluoromethane, Carbon Disulfide, 2-Butanone, Trichloroethane, Trichloroethene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Tetrachloroethene, Chlorobenzene, Ethylbenzene, Styrene, Xylene, Phenol, Cresol, Cyclopentene. Some of the toxins are found in other products such as paint, laquer and varnish removers– that’s potent and powerful stuff!”
- KeeperoftheHome.org, 2012

Adding on top of that the artificial dyes and fragrances that can give off irritating fumes and byproducts that can exacerbate allergies or cause sensitivities, candles and wall-plugins just don’t have any allure for me anymore, despite the pretty plug in holders or candle holders, pretty on the outside doesn’t mean it’s pretty on the inside.

Of course, there are great alternatives with candles, such as using soy candles or beeswax candles. My point is, choose your source of smells carefully. Ditching the plug-ins and the candles is one of the simplest ways to improve the air quality of your home. As for me, I use essential oil diffusers for their aromatherapy purposes. Not only do I know I’m getting the best ingredients, but I know exactly what’s being diffused into the air, and each diffuser session can last for hours on end, just like a great candle.

3.) Is Febreeze Even Still a Thing?

This goes without saying, but ditch the Febreeze, ditch the aerosol air smeller sprayers in-a-can, and just make your own essential oil room sprays instead. Holy moly, your nose and your home will thank you so much. And you can even create your own DIY perfumes as well with essential oils and roller bottles. Not only will you save so much money doing this, but these things work better to improve the reverse off-putting odors in your home as well. Some essential oils like Thieves are even anti-bacterial so they’ll kill airborne bugs in the air, too. Win-win-win-win all the way around. Don’t Febreeze it, please fortheloveagod…

4.) Hygiene, Skincare, and Makeup

Suuuuuper simple. Ahhh, if I could highlight this one a thousand times over, I would. But I put this one as number 4 because sometimes we’re very attached to the skincare items or routines that we currently use and it can be tough to switch. But holy moly, is it worth it.

Our bodies absorb what we put on them, that includes things like lotions, makeup, facial moisturizers, serums, toothpastes, and deodorants. In less than 30 seconds, topical ingredients can be absorbed through the skin. (You can learn more from this helpful article.) So to me, being sure that my daily routine products are natural and beneficial seems just as much a part of wellness as deciding what to eat, what vitamins to take, and what exercises to take part in.

The best part is that there are so many incredible options and solutions to choose from! Over the past year I have found the most incredible, affordable, and amazing products that actually work, and aren’t leeching chemicals into my body in the process. And they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve even learned how to make my own products. For instance I have an amazing facial moisturizer that I made for less than $3 and works just as well as the high-end brand that I had been previously using.

When we are the ones choosing what to put on our bodies, why not choose the best of the best?

Some of my favorite personal skincare and hygiene products:

Schmidt’s All Natural Deodorant These deodorants are still fairly new and smell AMAZING. They work better than any all-natural deodorant I’ve ever tried and use the power of essential oils and shea butter to both deodorize and condition the skin. Incredible stuff, and there are scents that both ladies and men will enjoy. My current scent is the bergamot + lime bar.

Jason Simply Coconut Flouride-Free Strengthening Toothpaste (fair warning, you’ll never turn back to old toothpaste again. So, the flouride debate is ongoing, but bottom line is it’s a chemical and it can also stain teeth yellow. It does also have a helpful anti-cavity effect though, so be sure to pair your flouride-free toothpaste with plenty of flossing and oil pulling to prevent cavities.)

100% Natural Shea Butter from RA Cosmetics: This is the exact shea butter I have, I found it at a health food store when the sales woman recommended it to me and it’s beautiful. I use it on my face mixed with almond oil and essential oils as a DIY face moisturizer. You can find natural 100% shea butter at health food stores near you if you don’t want to order it online. Make sure it’s unrefined and stored in a cool, dark place.

Savvy Minerals Makeup from Young Living: Young Living has their own brand of mineral-based makeup made with good, quality ingredients that don’t compromise on your skin’s health. I intend to build up my collection with the whole kit, but for now I have started with the mascara, and I absolutely love it. It’s probably the best mascara I’ve ever had.

Their makeup line is complete with all of the items you’d need for a full makeover, such as foundations, lip colors, setting sprays, and eye colors. Starting off with a membership account gets you 24% off anything in the makeup line. Find out more about how to start your journey with Young Living here.

5.) Tea Bags & Coffee Filters

5 Simple Switches Toward a Chemical Free Household

A daily staple for so many of us is our morning cup of tea or coffee. It’s just the best to sink into a cozy chair along with a mug of our favorite warm brew. But so often, tea bags and coffee filters are actually bleached, chemically treated, or contain synthetics that can leech into our cups.

Ew, right??

So in addition to being sure that your teas and coffees are of high quality and free of pesticides, make sure that your bags and filters are safe to use also. There are many on the market that are guaranteed to be great, and you can also use stainless steel tea balls or reusable mesh strainers for your coffee if your desire is to go waste-free as well.

I’ve made this point #5 because often this is one of the last things we would think of, but a good rule of thumb is that if you’re coming into contact with a certain food, activity, or ingredient every single day, like your morning cup of coffee, might as well make sure it is the best that it can possibly be.

These Simple Switches are a Win-Win!

I love sharing how easy it is to switch to more natural products. It’s just fun, kay? It’s like inviting people to this crazy awesome party that has had it’s doors open the entire time, just waiting for people to arrive, and it has all the best music and snacks. It’s the kind of situation where everyone wins. We all want to be healthier, lead great lives, and feel great while doing so.

I’d Love to Hear From You

Have you tried any of these switches to improve your home and lifestyle? Were any of them harder or easier to implement than you thought? Share about them below!