6 Steps to Writing a Perfect Blog Post

6 Steps To Writing a Perfect Blog Post

I bet you’ve got something to say, teach, or explain that other people would love to learn about. So often I have heard from others (and felt myself) that there’s nothing interesting enough that I could possibly share. I used to think that so often, but the more I started sharing, the more I would get positive feedback on the things I shared. One of the best ways to do this? Blogging! So today I’m going to break down 6 elements of a killer blog post so you’re able to crush it every time.

Blogging Helps Share Your Unique Voice

As I talk about in the post How to Name and Discover Your Brand, I also talked about uncovering your unique voice and ways to let that come out to be expressed more and more. One of the best ways to do that? Writing! So this bring in something that I think everyone should try - blogging.  

Now, is blogging, writing, or publishing online for everyone? Maybe not, but I do believe that everyone, regardless of how much they think they have to share and offer the world, does have so much to share and offer the world. And one of the ways to do that is through blogging. So do I think everyone and their mama should have a blog? No, because there are no shoulds. But if you’ve ever thought about it, dreamt about it, or had nagging thoughts that you’d like to create one, then yeeeaahh, my friend, time to get on it!

A Blank Screen Can Be Intimidating

Ok, so let’s say you’ve gotten your blog together, you’ve got your website, it’s got its shiny new home online and it’s ready to roll. Now what? Once that blank screen pops up, it might be intimidating on how to start. Something that might be helpful is to create a big list on what you would love to talk about. Anything at all. What is the most exciting topic you can think of to write, explain, or teach about? What do you want to share? Start there, and start small, and you’ll be amazed how many topics might surface and be like, “Write about me!” “No, write about me! Pick me!” So when it comes to you versus the big blank screen, remember that list, and also remember that the best medicine is to just start.  

With that said, I have noticed that there are elements that make up a really great post, one that delivers tons of value, that others will save, come back to, and read over again and again and again. These posts are the ones that are value packed, sharable, and almost like this holy grail of information. I call those elements…

The 6 Steps To Writing a Perfect Blog Post

Everyone is different, and by no means is this a “must-do” kind of list, but it’s great to keep in mind when structuring out your posts because it follows a pace of engagement, storytelling, and clarity to help you get your work out there to a receptive audience. So without further ado, let’s begin with step 1.

Step 1.) Write from an Inspired Place:

If you’re not passionate about your topic it will seep through the text at every turn. Get inspired, hook into your why, and then head onto step 2.

Step 2.) Craft a Physical or Mental Outline

Just like any great movie, song, or story, a blog post has a beginning, a middle, and an end. So have a general plan first to keep the post topic from meandering around on you. 

Step 3.) Create a Strong Headline

Every blog post actually starts with the headline itself. If the headline isn’t good, who will click on it? Now, this is not just about clicks (no click-bait titles allowed!) and as a personal pet peeve of mine, I like to avoid the words “need” or “have” and sometimes “must” such as “10 Things You Need to Do if You’re Going Abroad.” or “The Proven Steps You Must Take to Get a Date.” Because it just sounds bossy, and the energy behind it invokes fear versus inspiration. You want people to be positively influenced and intrigued by your article titles, and then carry that forward into the grit of the article itself.

Step 4.) Deliver on the Premise:

Let’s say you crafted a killer title. Well, you better deliver on the premise of that title, my friend! If someone opens the article hoping to learn exactly what the title suggested, it better be in there. This is when you get your writing skills to work and craft a value-packed, but easy going page that others will love to read. 

Step 5.) Strong Conclusion:

This is the power punch of the article itself. Let’s face it, some people skim to the end so they can get the main points of an article. I’ve done it, we’ve all done it. So make sure you have the main points of the blog post right there for your audience to receive. So essentially, use the last paragraph of your blog post to drive home your whole point and give readers something to think about.

Step 6.) Call to Action

Lastly, and something that gets forgotten all too often, include a way for readers to continue the conversation! How can they engage with you? Maybe ask them to leave a comment below, find you on social media, or sign up for your email list. Maybe there are even related posts down at the bottom. Think of the final call to action as the way to serve readers who are thinking “I like this topic, I like you, how can I get more?”  

Use Your Unique Creative Expression

You’ll see that I never mentioned exactly how to write the post itself. Because that’s entirely up to you! We each have our own writing style. It’s a lot like architecture. I mean have you seen some of the houses on the Netflix show Worlds Most Incredible Homes? No two of them are alike, and yet they all share the same foundational principles. So if you have those in place, you are free to create, express, and write your content exactly the way you want to. 

Ready to Start Blogging? You’ve Totally Got This

I’ll bet that while reading this you received some great ideas for a few posts up your sleeve. I hope you’re jazzed, excited, and ready to dive in. The world could totally use your unique voice that only you have! But I think we can all agree that the blank screen can be daunting. So let’s reiterate”

The 6 steps to a perfect blog post. 

  1. Write from an inspired place. 

  2. Craft an outline.

  3. Use a strong headline.

  4. Deliver on the premise.

  5. Have a strong conclusion.

  6. Include a call to action.

And remember that this structure is meant to house your unique creativity in a way that allows readers to easily click, read, and engage with you in a joyful way, and then get a whole heck of a lot of value in the process. In this way, you can foster readership and a blog followin’ crew unlike any other. Isn’t that awesome?

I’d love to know what you think about this topic. Have you written some posts in the past that could use this 6 step makeover to bring them more to life? I’d also love to invite you to post a link to a blog post you’ve written that you absolutely adore so others who visit this post can get a chance to read it!