Be Willing to Just Start (Even if You Don’t Have All the Pieces Yet!)

Be Willing to Just Start (Even if You Don't Have All the Pieces Yet!)

There’s this really great saying that goes, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” I wholeheartedly believe this. And I also believe this applies to ideas, inspiration, and life circumstances. When we are ready, there’s nothing, I repeat - nothing - that can prevent that teacher, situation, circumstance, or desire from presenting itself and coming through. So this is a PSA announcement for all the dreamers out there right now. If you have an idea for a business, blog, project, career, or creative endeavor, it is time to embark upon that - like right now.

Be Willing To Just Start

Just give it a shot! If you’ve got a big idea in the pipeline, there’s no need to sit on it and wait for the green light. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to go for it, don’t wait for the skies to get bluer, the grass to get greener, or the situation to somehow improve before allowing yourself to just start. Waiting on the right time will never yield the right time, because that time is always gonna be now. When you decide to get started, that light will turn green. 

Our Ideas Will Match Up With Our Timeline

I’m gonna share something pretty big and poetic, or at least I think it is. Our ideas that we have for projects will match up with our timeline in life. They may not come to fruition right this hot second,  but when we get an idea, or a spark that just lights us up, it’s like a seed, and it’s getting us ready for that thing to grow from a seed into a full bodied tree. So when we get an idea that sticks, that gets us all excited, that feels like a gulp of fresh air, our job then is to trust it and follow the breadcrumb trail. The problem only ever occurs when we ignore the seed, ignore the trail, or think, “Ohh no, that’s not possible. Maybe someday, but I couldn’t possibly right now…” 

Part of that Breadcrumb Trail is … You Guessed It, Starting!

Things that are huge and exciting and awesome require tending to along the way, just like a seed. It’s not just gonna plunk right into your lap without any forewarning! That’s not really that fun anyway, is it? I mean even when people win a new car on The Price is Right, the contestant still has to get on the show, get picked, do well in each round, make appropriate guesses, talk to Drew Carrey, and do all the things! It’s not just PLUNK - new car!!! It’s still a progression and it’s a fallacy to think that it’s not. If that person never made the decision to get on the show it never would have happened. There’s a law of cause and effect that is always at work. Just like a fire, if you’ve got a dream or an idea, it will never come about if it never gets that first spark from you. 

What is Holding You Back?

I once had a therapist give me a homework assignment where she said all I had to do was just hit “publish” on my website and make it go live. That was it. No journaling, no self-reflection, no writing a letter and then burning it, but just starting. That was the homework assignment. And after a while of being nervous to do that, I finally did it! I realized I needed permission and validation, and that’s what was holding me back the most. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need that. Validate yourself, give yourself permission today, and I guarantee you, your work will help give others permission to do the exact same thing. Define what is holding you back, call it out by name, and then do us all a favor and kick it in the pants. Start scared. Start messy. It’s all good!

Don’t Sweat the Missing Pieces

It is so easy to get hung up on the missing pieces of the puzzle. But I don’t have a website yet! How will I design it? Where will I get the money for the supplies I need? When will I find enough time to devote to this? I don’t believe this could make me any money anyway, so why start? INSERT ANY BS EXCUSE HERE.

Let’s be real, I have been guilty of this, too. For many of us, it is so much easier to focus on the potential failure than the potential success. In all actuality, for most of us it’s easier to expect failure, it’s more comfortable. But that’s not the way it has to be! A defeatist mindset will always be a never-ending loop, a cycle of stuck-ness that goes round and round forever. Change the cycle, be willing to start anyway, and those chattering excuses will slow to a stop. Solutions will be found, a way will be made, and things will start to reflect your new perspective right back to you.

What’s the Easiest Next Step?

I totally get it. It can be daunting to start something new. It can seem like this insurmountable, unachievable thing that we don’t yet have all the coordinates to. But here’s the million dollar question: can you trust that it’s there? Can you just trust that it most certainly exists? And then, what’s the easiest next step you can take? 

At every step of the way, there will be what is called the lowest hanging fruit, and these are the items, tasks, and steps that are ripe and ready for you to pluck right now that will help you on your journey. Pick that fruit, then take action on it, clarity will come from it, and that engine will start moving.

This is so interesting too, for those who think their goal is a material thing, in doing this exercise, 9 times out of 10 it’s actually not! Completing this exercise myself was a huge momentum builder in my work, because it helped me pivot my focus to the right things instead of wasting time and energy on the wrong things!

Here’s How You Can Start Today

There’s nothing fancy to this, no need to shout it from a rooftop or go out and order business cards just yet. Just center in with yourself, take a deep breath, and decide. Say to yourself, This is the perfect time. I’m deciding to start right now. Release that trust into the universe and watch how situations, people, circumstances, and things in your life will begin to unfold and rise to meet you in your decision, sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. And of course, always have fun and follow the breadcrumbs along the way!

I’d Love to Hear From You

Do you have a project, blog, or online business in the works? What is your biggest block in making it happen? What is the next easiest step you could take to move forward?