Can The Moon Phases Really Affect My Life?

It was a full moon yesterday! Which means the night sky was practically lit up like the 4th of July by this giant saucer of a space rock, or in more scientific terms, it was the vernal (spring) equinox.

It has only been a year or so since I started paying attention to moon phases. I took an astronomy class in college, got a D, and that was about it. So, why be interested in the moon phases now? Do they really affect our lives at all? I did some digging and also paid attention to my personal experiences and I think the answer to this is actually pretty cool.

The Effects of the Moon

Moon phases have been touted by many to affect our lives on a deep level for centuries. In nature the effects of the moon are well documented for bringing in the tides of the ocean, leading sea turtles back to their natural habitat, or for affecting the lives of nocturnal creatures for example. But we humans are not ocean dwellers, sea turtles or nocturnal creatures, so why should we care? Well, we may not live in water but we are made of water and are subject to the laws of gravity just like everything else, so the gravitational changes between the moon, earth, and sun are things that affect us too. We can’t really help it. So in the same way the lunar cycles cause the ocean tides to ebb and flow, so too do our lives as we go through seasons of change. So if you’re working on a creative project or idea, you may find some freaky patterns happening in tandem with the moon cycles!

Paying Attention to Cosmic Patterns

The two moon phases that are the most significant are the new moon and the full moon. And while it may seem like caring about which cycle of the moon you’re in is an “out there” kinda topic, it’s laced with science, which I totally love.

There are so many things that are tied to the length of one lunar cycle. In fact, this is how our ancient ancestors first separated time and created the concept of months. And turns out that the moon impacts just about everything in the natural world. For instance, a woman’s cycle, the ocean’s ecosystem, and keeping our Earth (which sits on a slightly off-kilter axis) from spinning like a dreidel and plummeting our seasons into chaos!

In terms of our day to day lives, just think of how many things are separated by the month! Month over month numbers, paying monthly rent, 4 weeks in a month, and all of the things that are brought into a container of approximately 30 days - which all originated with the moon. 

If you don’t buy into this, a really cool exercise is to take a look at your finances, at your health, at your business. Did you have more productive days on some weeks? More energy? Did you have a sudden burst of income during the full moon? Did you have a huge creative spark around the new moon? When I paid attention to these things and actually discovered patterns that made sense, saying it was spooky would be putting it lightly!

The New Moon

This moon phase is when the side of the moon we can see is not illuminated at all by the sun. The new moon is typically indicative of incubating ideas. Bringing things into fruition, the spark of creativity, setting your intentions, the beginning stages of something. This could be opening up to new ideas, new experiences, and knowledge. It could also be like the breath of calm in the month. The new moon is about holding the space and vision for a harvest, but the harvest isn’t quite there yet. It represents the conceptualizations or beginnings of a transformation or shift. 

The Full Moon

This moon phase is when the entire side of the moon facing us is illuminated. This phase is typically about reaching a culmination, where things are completed, shifted, harvested, received, or replenished. It represents a time where intentions have been manifested and have come full circle. This can sometimes mean abrupt endings, rocky waters, or finally overcoming obstacles. It can also represent celebration, finalization, or a stage of fully achieved growth.

So What Does This All Mean?

My aim is not to suggest that we only plan our lives around moon phases, but rather realize how synchronized we may already be. Because there comes a certain point in any goal, project, or mission, where the decisions have been made, it’s been put out there, and it’s time to just let it go. Understanding moon phases and how they can affect our lives means understanding that there’s a bigger picture at play here. It’s about realizing when to let go, and let the tides roll in as they may.

I believe that understanding the phases of the moon and how they may affect us doesn’t give us an excuse to wait or not take action, but it introduces a factor of nature and the factor of trust into just living life, building a dream career, or working toward any goal. So often the default setting is that we want to control things, make them work, wrangle things into exactly what we want, etc. But sometimes it’s about just having a clear vision, giving up a little bit of that control, and trusting it’s all going to work out anyway. 

The Many Moons

I’ve noticed in my life that when things are shifting, or a lot is going on at once seemingly from out of nowhere, often to my surprise it actually does coincide with a major moon phase. This honestly does help me to feel like I’m not just in some random vacuum of energy, but that there’s actually a rhythm happening that makes sense. There’s a time and a season for everything, and the moon is there to remind us that sometimes it’s perfectly okay to just let nature take it’s course.

Have you noticed things in your life shifting according to the moon? Kinda freaky, huh? Drop a comment and share your experiences! 🌕🍁🍂