Help! What if I Don't Know What I Want to Do Yet?

Help! What if I Don't Know What I Want To Do Yet? | Jessica Colyer Blog

It’s the most existential question plaguing us ever since adults first asked us “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Maybe we picked something and stuck with it, went to college, got the job, or maybe changed courses entirely! But... what happens if we still haven’t figured it out yet....? *gasp! The horror!! But let’s say you know you want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start. What then?

But What If I Have No Friggin Clue?! 

Ok, ok, let me stop you there. You do have somewhat of an idea of what you do and don’t like right? Such as “I like hot fudge sundaes.... and I don’t like going to the DMV.”

I know, “duh,” but my point is you have much more of a clue than you probably realize! Maybe real-world evidence to support it fully just hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe the dream job hasn’t materialized yet, or maybe the dream job actually doesn’t even exist yet because you’ll be creating it.... ahhhh, that’s pretty rad to think about, right? In which case it doesn’t help to give yourself a hard time about it! Not having all the pieces right now just may be part of this perfect journey that you’re on right now.

Where Do I Even Start?

As for myself, I can share that I know how easy it is to become really intimidated when looking at Instagram. There are all these other people with these established feeds, color schemes, professional photography, and amazing portraits. But one of the best things ever is to remember that everyone started somewhere.

Resistance will say, “I can’t start yet I’m not ready, smart enough, qualified enough, or have been given permission to start by the magical job fairy. My peers haven’t given me permission, my family, friends, and relatives won’t accept it, so therefore I can’t start.” Insert any fearful reason here!

Let’s cut ourself some slack! In a traditional job setting, we are given permission to do the work, we have a time and place that is allotted for us to do our thing. But once it’s all on us?? Ohhh boy, it’s so weird! Because at that stage the only permission that matters is our own and for so many of us we’ve never given ourselves permission to do what we truly want to do, so it can be freakin’ intimidating!

But here’s the thing, you’re way more ready than you realize. And all you need to know is that you can start right now, right where you are.

The Faith & Trust Factor

Even if the super dream biz idea hasn’t fully shown up yet, have the faith to know it exists. If it didn’t exist or have the potential to exist, you wouldn’t want it. It wouldn’t be in your energy field, you would have no idea or concept of it at all because it wouldn’t be a thing at all for you. 

Practice faith & trust.

Have you ever gone on a hike and been super tired, and were looking forward to getting back to the car because you knew there would be sandwiches at the end? There’s no question about it. Ya packed ‘em, so you know they’re there! There’s full trust and expectation included. By golly there will be sandwiches at the end of this hike yessss so excited!

(Kind of a specific example, but it’s the first one my lunch-loving self thought of, lol!) But there’s massive value in having faith and trust and allowing yourself to just be excited for this thing that you’re bringing into creation to unfold.

It’s like following a breadcrumb trail. The journey includes finding that first piece, and then the next piece, and then the next piece until finally the whole thing begins to come together and by then you have been made so ready by your journey that you and this thing are just made for each other by design. Isn’t that cool?!

Trust that Your “It” is On Its Way 

Whatever you’re going for, find this space where you can trust that it’s on its way. Let yourself off the hook of needing to make it happen or force anything to happen. If you’re taking massive amounts of action and nothing is happening yet, this doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you or it’s not meant to be. Your “it” is coming, and just like a tree in spring, it blooms when it blooms. There’s no forcing it. And when it blooms, it will be the perfect time. Trust in this perfect, divine timing.

So if you’ve been experimenting with different business ideas and setting up all these domains, accounts, sites, and Etsy shops only to realize it didn’t work and are taking them down a few months later, it’s all good.

Don’t look at any of that as a failure, but instead as a shifting closer and closer to what it is that you truly want.

Because this is kinda crazy, but right now you may not even have any concept of what it is that you truly want. You may have an idea, but it could end up being something totally different, and that’s great! Allow yourself to be open to possibilities.

Try This Heart-Centered Writing and Meditation Exercise

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re feeling much more relaxed, but are maybe still having trouble letting go and trusting, I’d love to invite you to try this exercise.

Grab a pen and paper but just set it aside for now. Find a calm, comfortable seat and rest your hands on your lap, palms up. If you’d like to listen to meditation music, that’s fine too. Take a glance at the meditation instructions below (it’s simple!)

Meditation instructions:

  1. Set your phone timer for 5-7 minutes (make sure the timer sound is gentle!)

  2. Sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes.

  3. Visualize roots of light moving from the ground up through your feet and all the way up and out through the crown of your head. Go slowly, notice how it feels.

  4. Next, notice a large pink flower growing and blooming at your heart center. Focus fully on your heart space for the duration of this meditation.

When your meditation is complete, grab your pen and paper, and write out these three questions and freewrite your answers to them. With this connection to your heart space, ask your heart these questions as if he/she was a friend and see what answers you get….

My heart wants to express itself by ________

My heart loves to help people by _________

My heart wants a business centered around _______

My heart’s advice to me right now is ________

Write down everything you feel, even if it seems silly! You may be surprised at the answers you receive. If you don’t feel any answers come up, simply sitting with that energy of your heart space is so powerful.

When you have completed your writing exercise:

  1. Take a few deep breaths.

  2. Visualize that light energy going back down through the crown of your head, down through your heart, and down through your feet into the earth, taking any anxieties, tension, or worries with it.

  3. Your meditation exercise is now complete!

Do You Feel Clearer and Lighter?

The intention behind that meditation is to feel this nice sense of relief and clarity as that tension releases and energy is allowed to flow to the heart, the center of who you really are. If you’re in a space right now where you simply don’t have all the pieces, or maybe you’re frustrated, that’s okay. Just know that you will receive every piece when the time is right. Sometimes all you need is the grit, tenacity, and courage to never give up and keep forging on. You’ve totally got this!

Did this heart-centered meditation help you? I’d love to hear your experiences below!