How to Brand Your Pinterest Account (And Still Pin Anything You Want)

How to Brand Your Pinterest Account

If you’re incorporating a Pinterest strategy for your blog or website as a way to market your content to a wider audience, then you deserve a pat on the back! Because Pinterest is an amazing marketing tool for this purpose. 

However, if like a lot of creatives and freelancers out there, you aren’t starting from scratch, but or working from an existing personal Pinterest account for your business, I’m going to walk you through how to brand your Pinterest account so that it accurately reflects your brand values and also allows you to still have the freedom to pin anything and everything you want. Let’s dive in! 

Your Pinterest Profile is a Snapshot of Your Brand

Think of your Pinterest profile (the page with your photo and a layout of all of your boards) as a snapshot of who you are as a brand. It can say a lot with just one glance! Especially that now Pinterest profiles feature a backsplash of your most recent pins in the background. 

And also, when I say brand, I’m not talking about sparkly facades, I’m talking about who you are, who you serve,  what you do, and what you stand for. (The word “brand” can sometimes seem cold and clammy, so I hope that explanation helps warm it up!) 

If you’re starting from a personal account that’s been around for some time, you may have some pretty established boards like, “Quick Recipes,” “Wedding Inspiration,” or “DIY Projects” which are all great, but unless those all have to do with your brand (remember the 4 W’s listed above!), they don’t need to be there on your home feed for all to see. (See below on how you can keep them around, though!) 

Instead, arrange only your relevant boards in your lineup. And if you’re producing your own content and pins, put those nearest to the top five boards. You may even opt to have a board that features only your content as the first board in the layout.

In this way, the most relevant materials are seen first and foremost, which gives visitors an accurate depiction of your brand. 

Pro Tip: Choose engaging cover photos for your boards that feature the color tone of your brand and visuals that really pull the viewer in.

Put the Focus on Serving Your Audience

Branding your Pinterest account isn’t about hiding who you are, putting on a facade, or hiding your other interests in life, instead it’s about having an attitude of service and providing content that’s exactly what your audience is already coming to you for. 

Having a branded Pinterest account helps reinforce what your brand values are and serves as a way to become an easily recognizable force to be reckoned with in your field.

If you don’t have a lot of existing boards that serve your brand niche, then get to pinnin’ my friend! Start creating relevant boards and adding pins to fill those boards, both with your content or if you don’t have relevant content yet, choose existing content. There’s plenty of it out there! In fact, Pinterest will help you get a kickstart by recommending pins right off the bat. From there, you can start providing applicable content in these boards to attract the audience you want. 

Pro Tip: Pinterest is a search engine! This means your board names should also be applicable keywords. So instead of “My Favorite Marketing Posts” try board names like, “Social Media Marketing” or “Marketing Strategies” to boost the search power of those boards.  

Pin Anything You Want With Secret Boards (Yay!) 

I had so many boards that I pinned to for years that were filled with funny memes, puppies, recipes, photography inspiration, or beauty products that didn’t have anything to do with the freelance work that I did. I felt disheartened when I first heard that I needed to “clean up” my Pinterest boards, because I thought that meant losing all of those old (and cherished!) boards. (Womp womp…) Suddenly I wondered if this would take all the fun out of my Pinterest adventures! 

The great news is that you can still have an on-point and branded Pinterest account and hang onto those old boards at the same time by hitting the little pencil icon that says “Edit” and then toggle the switch to make all those boards secret

Secret boards will feature a little lock icon on them which means that only you can see them. In this way, it keeps these other boards safe, secure, and private which I totally love. 

In this way, I’ve never felt like I was “selling out” or dampening my Pinterest experience. I could still pin all of the funny cat and puppy photos I wanted while also keeping a branded account that accurately reflects my values as a creative business owner, which is just as important to me.

Upgrade to a Pinterest Business Account

Lastly, if you’re using Pinterest for business marketing purposes, it’s definitely recommended to upgrade your personal account to a business account. It’s free, easy to do, and it’s a great way to receive access to analytics that you won’t be able to get from a regular Pinterest account. This is also how you can link your domain with Pinterest to track organic pins and reach across both your website and Pinterest.

Keepin’ it Pinteresting

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to dig a little deeper into your Pinterest account to uncover the potential that it has (yep, even from just the profile page!) to accurately portray exactly who you are and what you do to the right people.

Some of the most obscure and amazing connections are made on Pinterest, it’s where so many people go to find exactly what they want! So to recap, here’s how to make sure your content lands in the right hands: 

  1. Curate and arrange the most relevant boards to the top of your profile.

  2. Create more relevant boards and add pins that serve your audience.

  3. Save any irrelevant boards that you want to keep by making them secret boards.

  4. Upgrade to the Pinterest Business account to get access to analytics.

I hope this quick and easy guide helps you see the importance of how your Pinterest account is able to display the values of your brand in a visual way, which means it’s super important that it accurately depicts who you are. 

But hey, any reason to do more pinning is a good reason, right? 😉👍

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