How to Choose a Niche Naturally

How to Choose Your Niche Naturally

Oh please don’t make me do one more “Find Your Niche in 3 Simple Steps” worksheet… Don’t worry friends, none of that today.

When building a blog or content creation business, whether that is on social media, YouTube, etc, it’s widely taught that it’s important to pick a niche, a central theme of focus, and it totally is.

Just like how books and movies (or even a conversation) has a common thread to keep them in line, the same thing goes for blogs, businesses, and any other type of content creation platforms. The niche is needed.

While many of the “find your niche” strategy tools that I’ve tried in the past ultimately aim to make this process easy and simple, when push comes to shove, these methods often don’t account for the fact that some people put a whole lot of pressure on this, some people are often hiding their true niche (what they really want to talk about) behind a softer, safer facade, or that, some people have truly no idea what their niche could be, because they’re still evolving and it will show itself later. So all this to say, the find your niche strategies are helpful, but keep in mind that they are also mainly starting points.

How to Find Your Niche

I’ll walk you through a quick tutorial of how this traditionally works. To find your niche, you’ll want to find the area where your skills, passion, and service intersect.

Skills - What are you good at? These are hard skills or talents that you have, such as public speaking, computer science, hairstyling, carpentry, yoga, photography, etc. Keep in mind that hard skills can always be learned! What do you love to do?

Passion - What are you really passionate about? What’s something you could talk about for hours on end, or what’s a topic that when you overhear it at a party, you light up inside and instantly want to join the conversation and share what you know? There could be multiple things here, just keep them all in mind.

Service - What is your favorite way of serving others? Is it with making people laugh, teaching people about nature, showing others how to do things, entertaining friends, or cooking food for people? In other words, what is your love language of giving? This is the way in which helping others makes you feel all shiny and amazing inside.

The area where all of these things intersect is going to be your zone of genius, this is where your niche lives.

Most of Us are Multi-Passionate

The term “find your passion” can be kind of tough for most of us to grasp at times because so many of us are multi-passionate. We love different areas, we might love cooking, computers, dog-grooming, yoga, and camping all at the same time. Sooo… are we supposed to pick just one? Nope, and this needs to be said…

Passion is a State of Being, Not a Thing.

When “choosing your niche,” think of it more as gently lowering yourself into a cozy hot tub, we’ll call it the zone of genius hot tub. So the zone of genius does not mean you have to say “no,” to certain things, and it doesn’t mean having to say “yes” to everything either, it’s just the zone of genius, it’s a place where passion is most easily expressed. And in taking into consideration that passion is a state of being, not a thing, you can express passion through any of the interests you have through your zone of genius.

How many of us have gotten so in the flow while painting, walking the dog, singing in the car, teaching a class, or baking a cake? All very different things, yet all expressing the same thing, a state of flow, a state of passion, a state of being.

Choosing a niche can often hit snags when we feel like we have to somehow crumple all of our passions into one big ball and sort of untangle the mess. I totally get it, been there. Most of us are multi-passionate, so the important thing when choosing a niche is just this one thing: How can I most excitedly express passion here?

A Niche Will Present Itself Naturally

Remember when I said you don’t have to pick between your interests and passion areas? This is key, because one of the biggest things I have realized when it’s difficult to pick a niche at first is that your niche will begin to present itself naturally.

If you’re having a tough time starting because you don’t know what niche to pick, a better way of doing it is to just pick a starting point and know that things will evolve on their own, so it’s okay to just start with the closest area that resonates with you.

For example, in terms of a blog, you may initially decide you want to start blogging about life with dogs, and you feel pretty good about it, but as you continue along the path and allow yourself to be in your zone of genius, in a state of flow, information and words will start to naturally flow in an inspired way, and when you allow that to happen, it might lead to a different place! It might go from life with dogs, to dog-grooming, and then to dog shows. Suddenly you feel revved up and inspired every single day, you had no idea you had so much to say about dog shows, and now people in the dog show world are coming to your site in droves. And you had no idea that was the right niche for you until it just appeared, and it was all a totally natural process as a result of just starting somewhere and committing to following that state of excitement, flow, and passion.

The Right Niche Won’t Feel Constraining

For those with a lot of skills, interests, and talents with a lot of things to say, the word “niche” can tend to feel like a constraint, or a limiting thing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, finding the right niche might feel really, really nice and expressive - because it’s like having the structure and stability so that you can then use it as a platform to branch out and talk about different topics within the same angle.

A great way to illustrate this is to look at how the Star Wars franchise has branched out and created multiple movies from the same niche.

I like to think of a niche as just the foundation of the house, or the binding of the book. It helps provide the structure and support just as much as it is there to help others who will absorb the material as well.

No Need for Unnecessary Pressure!

All in all, choosing a niche can tend to get a ton of pressure put on top of it. But the most important thing here is to just let that state of excitement naturally allow your truest niche to flow. Choose a place to start based on where your highest excitement is, and then let that niche naturally rise to the surface from there on out. Let things morph and change. You will be led in the right direction. Everything will work out naturally just as it should, and just remember to have fun along the way!

I’d Love to Hear From You

Have you chosen your niche, or did your niche simply present itself naturally to you? Was it difficult to discover your niche, or did it take a long time? I’d love to hear your experiences!