How to Connect ConvertKit With Squarespace

How to Connect ConvertKit with Squarespace

If you’ve been shopping around for your next web platform (or shopping around for a Squarespace designer, hey-a! ) and have since stumbled upon the beauty that is ConvertKit, you may be wondering if the two play nicely together.

Squarespace comes with an easy as pie (one click) integration with Squarespace campaigns, Mailchimp, Zapier, and Google Drive. Does this mean you can’t use any other email management software systems with SQ? No! Of course not.

I’m gonna show you how to connect my favorite email platform of all time (that’s a big compliment) with Squarespace. Let’s get our ConvertKit caps on, y’all.

Get Your CK Account Set Up First

You definitely don’t want to set up your newsletter block or anything like that without first having something to connect it to. So, hop on over to ConvertKit and snag yourself an account. Yep, that’s an affiliate link, which means I may earn a small commission through sharing at no cost to you. And this is only because I sincerely looooooove ConvertKit. (I want you to have the best of the best, okay?)

Snag yourself an account, open up your Squarespace site, (plus grab some more coffee) and let’s get settled info for the easiest integration possible.


Use Forms to Collect Email Addresses

ConvertKit offers a few different ways to collect email addresses, which are called forms. Now, forms can either be actual forms, like embeds or popups, or they can simply be landing pages. The categorization is the same. The term “form” here simply means a way that a subscriber can join your list.

Now, while Squarespace does offer these cute lil newsletter boxes (I really do love them) they aren’t optimum for use with ConvertKit unless you’d like to setup a Zapier integration (more on that later.)

So for now, if you’d like to go the easy route, (which is probably most of us, let’s be real.) Plan on simply integrating ConvertKit’s form options onto your own site to keep it streamlined. I’ll show you this in action here with one of my embeddable CK opt-in forms (which is also perfect if you’re gearing up to start a blog!):


Customize the Styling of Your Forms to Match Your Brand

A common complaint that I always heard about ConvertKit was that the styling was not as customizable as most people would have liked. (Given that the trade off is a super intuitive email platform and that email marketing has gotten visually more simple, I’d say it’s a totally fair trade.)

But here’s the deal, with a little custom CSS on that form, you can easily match the fonts of your site onto the ConvertKit form.

The form above is using a bit of CSS, which I’ll share with you below. Just insert your own font family where mine is. You’ll go to the magic wand icon and scroll down to where it says “Custom CSS” and input this entry there:

input, * { font-family: Brandon Grotesque, sans-serif !important; }

Simply replace “Brandon Grotesque” with yours. And if your font is a serif font, replace “sans-serif” with “serif.”

Voila! With that string, changing the font is as easy as pie. Gone are the days when your classy site fonts are interrupted by some generic font subscriber box kinda deal.

Beyond that, make sure your form boxes or landing pages are using your site’s core color schemes, which you can edit easily by clicking on the various elements in the preview window itself and entering your color hex codes.


Make that subscribe button pop! Experiment with reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks to grab the attention of your audience and make it irresistible to subscribe. Studies have shown that those colors are action-oriented and more easily command attention.


Drop in the Code Block

Once your form is created and connected with your freebie or welcome sequence or whichever type of target you’d like to have it lead to (it may just lead to your email list with nothing else attached, which is all good!) you’ll want to head over to your Squarespace site.

On your site, use the content block called “Code” to copy and paste the embed code for your ConvertKit form into your site. Squarespace may give you the message to view the form in safe mode, so you can feel free to do that if you’d like and see how everything looks!

With that code on your site, you can make whatever changes you’d like to your form inside ConvertKit and your form will reflect those changes automatically on your site. Pretty cool, huh! (See I told you CK was awesomesauce.)

Using a Zapier Integration

If you’d really love to keep on using those Squarespace newsletter blocks or even a form block for your email list signups, there’s a way to do this. I ended up trying this out at first (when I didn’t realize I could simply change the fonts on my form with a lil CSS) and wanted to keep the branding elements of my site intact. Enter: Zapier.

Zapier is a platform where you can create actions, called “Zaps” that integrate with different tools. For instance, if you get an email over here, it can automatically add info to your calendar over here. So in this way, we can set up a Squarespace newsletter block to communicate with Zapier, which can then communicate with ConvertKit.

The way I did this was to:

  1. Create a Zapier account.

  2. On my Squarespace newsletter block and form block settings, I’d set the storage to a Google Sheets doc in Google Drive that I created.

  3. I’d then create a Zap in Zapier which would automatically connected each new entry to that Google Sheet into ConvertKit.

  4. I’d turn the Zap on, and voila!

This is a great solution, however problems may arise with this when you’re using the free version of Zapier, because since Zaps only run every 15 minutes on the free version, that means someone may sign up for your email list and not receive their freebie or welcome email for another 10 minutes or so (depending on where Zapier is in that 15 minute window.)

For this reason, if you’re going with Zapier (and let’s be real, their integrations are ballin’ for so many other uses!) then it’s worth it to pay up for the upgraded versions.

I ultimately loved the simplicity of the way ConvertKit handled things, so I eventually dropped the Zapier integration from my workflow in favor of using the embeddable ConvertKit forms instead.

The important thing though is to find what works best for you!

Get to Growing that Email List!

By using an irresistible opt-in offer tailored to your audience along with a smart and sophisticated email management platform like ConvertKit, your list is sure to grow like wildflowers.

If you’ve been around the internet block for a while, you’ll know how important it is to curate a loyal tribe via an email list. These are the people who love what you say, teach, and share and who want to hear more of that.

Your email list is the only piece of internet land with your audience that you can own. You’ll never own your traffic or social media following, and that means having an email list is the most responsible and sustainable way to cultivate and find success online.

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed this simple explanation on how to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace! Any other questions, plug em’ on in below!

Hows your email list?

Whether you’re using ConvertKit or not, it’s important to have an email list. How is your list-building going so far? Have you hit any snags, plateaus, or obstacles? Or maybe things are going great! Share your biggest takeaways below!