How to Create a Workflow that Actually Works For You

How to Create a Workflow that Actually Works For You

There are two really important hints within the word “workflow,” and those are the words work, and flow. I know, I know, pretty self-explanatory. But, if your creativity has run off without you and your organization is all over the place, your sense of having a workflow is probably not truly working for you at all. And that's not any fun. So making some minor adjustments is step numero uno toward having a much better time. 

Sometimes Our Existing Workflows Suck

Ok, so let’s say you’re a business owner, a blogger, a mom, a student, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or literally just anyone who does anything ever, if being in a space where you are asked to feel creative daily often feels more like digging through a trash can, that’s not conducive to fun, thriving, or ease. That’s the exact opposite. That is literally just digging through a trashcan and hoping for the best. Not good.

A Nice Workflow Means a Happy Self

For many people, the process of creating structure may tend to feel constricting, so we cringe about organization instead of leaning into it, and then hit a wall when our work or our lifestyle has nothing to hold itself up. The solution is to not be squeaky clean neat freak or follow a predesigned path that someone else follows (if you hate spreadsheets, don't use spreadsheets)  but to create a way of working that is tailored to you. You will actually be inspired to create better and create more when you have an amazing environment (a clean office or studio is also a part of this) and a great workflow or structure to support yourself. One that you love, one that works well for you, and one that makes you happy to step into everyday.

Your workflow will not be the same as someone else’s because we are all unique in who we are and the work that we do. So ask yourself these two questions about your work, with whatever it is that you do or with whatever it is that you are having a hard time getting done. And this could be anything, such as your job, getting to the gym, gardening, nannying, commuting to work, writing emails, finishing your taxes, or even organizing your closet. Ask these two questions about the current problem with the task that you have going on:

  • “What do I need to get this done?”

  • “What will actually make this easier for me?”

Asking these two questions allows you to assess what you really need at your side to finish your project, and will allow you to get real about what would make this easier. Be honest with your answers, and you'll see exactly the path that needs to be cleared. New ideas might come in, new organizational tactics, and clearing out the old to make way for a better way of doing things. This may result in you rearranging your entire garage so you can access what you need much easier, or dropping that finance software that is so dreadful to work with, or simply finding a better time in the morning to leave for work or finish that new novel. A great rule of thumb is that if something is causing you dread, it’s not part of your ideal workflow.

Lead and Be Led By Your Joy

The whole point of having an enjoyable and flowing experience is not for the sake of productivity or numbers or money or being able to brag to your colleagues. Ew. No. It’s about your joy. Joy brings in all of those great things on it's own and then some. If you have fun while you’re working, organizing, or going about daily activities, it’s not a grind, it’s joyful. It's easy. It's about getting obstacles out of your way and having a structure that supports you in your life so that you can let your passions fly. The goal is freedom, lightness, and joy. Now doesn't that feel better?

I would love to hear from you on this topic! What are your passions? What are you working on right now? Do you have any tips about your own personal workflow with your business, lifestyle, or organizational setup? Let me know in the comments below!