How To Know if We Are Aligned With Our Goals

How To Know if We Are Aligned With Our Goals

Ok, so you’ve got these goals, and you want to pull out all the stops and get aligned with them, right? Energy goes where focus goes. So, maybe you do some exercises, maybe some visualizations, but you’re still just not sure if it’s working. Are you aligned yet? Has there been any effect from the work you’ve just done? Here’s how to tell. Read on, friends.

We all know that a vision board, affirmations, and set of meditations are great, great tools. They really are. They’re wonderful. But sometimes we crown those as being our only alignment tools. 

We may say to ourselves, “If I listen to this meditation enough or say this affirmation enough, or if I peg the most perfect images onto my vision board - then I will be aligned with what I want.” But, that strategy can also be an empty strategy unless it includes the all-important, no, the only important element to your alignment toolkit. 

The feeling. 

Unless your visualizations, affirmations, and get-them-goals strategies are implementing the way you want to feel, it’s going to fall short. You may proclaim that the technique doesn’t work, or that it works for others but just not for you, or even worse, that you must not have had enough faith or belief in it to work. Noooooo. 

A little side note here. We always believe in something. We always have faith in something. We’re always trusting in something. It’s just a matter of what we are trusting in, and what we have the most faith in. Some people have more faith in fear than in good. The people who have faith that they aren’t talented, smart, or beautiful enough have plenty of faith and belief in that, and that’s still trusting in something. My point is that your level of belief and faith is always there. So it’s not that you don’t have enough of it. It’s just about redirecting where it’s pointed, and strengthening the muscle to go in that direction instead.

The Feeling is the Goal

This is the ultimate goal, the ultimate direction, the ultimate way to check your internal compass. It’s not about the stuff, it’s not the material goods, it’s not the milestone, or the numbers, it’s the feeling that those things represent for you. It’s the feeling that draws those elements to you, not the other way around. That’s where the law of attraction term of being a “magnet” comes from.

In goal-setting, when you make the feeling of the goal the priority, you’ll know when you’re aligned with your goals. Because you will feel it. Plain and simple.

How Does This Look in Practical Terms?

Glad you asked. So, say someone has a job right now, but they dream of one day becoming a teacher abroad. The life of a teacher in another country would probably feel very different and be a big jump from the current job. So, this goal of being a teacher has a certain feel to it, a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s going to feel different. And that’s the point to lead with. So, in visualizing this new dream life as a teacher, this person may be tempted to say, “I want this so that my life will feel like that.” But in aligning with goals, it’s more beneficial to turn it the other way around. 

Make the feeling the goal, then life circumstances morph to match it. Now the dream job is not conditional to this person’s happiness, and this person is set free. The pressure lifts, and it’s easier to be follow desires with a sense of healthy detachment.

Can I Still Manifest My Goals Even If I Never Use This Principle?

Totally! You can still manifest whatever you want even if you never try your hand at a vision board, affirmations, or energy work. People do it all the time. Think about it like this, we don’t have to know all the inner workings of nutrition in order to get nutrients from food, it just works automatically. It’s nature. We’re always going to be naturally pushed toward the things that feel good and naturally resistant toward the things that feel bad. And what feels good and bad to us is always an individual thing. It’s nature. Always in effect, yo. But in the same way that understanding nutrition can help us lead more balanced and healthy lives, so does understanding energetic principles.

What If I See-Saw Between Feeling Good and Feeling Bad?

This is a big reason why many people decide that using these methods doesn’t work for them. Maybe there’s a lack of consistency, a swinging back and forth, or an expectation that things should always feel hunky dory otherwise they’re broken. From personal experience I can share that reaching for a better feeling goal is going to unveil some resistant thoughts that want you to stay small, things like negative self talk, ugly beliefs, things like that. It’s like stretching a rubber band or shaking out a rug. The action is going to shake loose the stuff that doesn’t need to be there. Plus, faith is a muscle just like anything else. The more you use it the easier it will be. But also, just like working out, it’s not recommended to do too much too soon. I would suggest the same thing here. Go slow, feel it out, and you’ll learn what feels good to you.

Overcoming Resistant Thoughts

Doing this work can be like walking right into the dragon’s lair sometimes. You may run right into those fear thoughts of “I’m not good enough,” or “My life is always going to be this way.” So the important thing to remember is that it’s just resistance, that’s all it is, it’s not true, and also to not push against it. When things show up like that, so often it’s because they’re ready to be felt, heard, and cleared. And sometimes big pieces or chunks of resistance will clear up in layers over time. 

Empowered Goal-Setting with Energy Work

I bet you didn’t think working with energy was this simple, right? It’s a way to go about things that brings in a level of awareness and understanding about what it is that is really going on with us. Anything that helps us more fearlessly go after goals that we have from an empowered place is an A+ method in my book!

That’s what using energetic techniques like affirmations and vision boards on purpose is all about. It’s about bypassing the fluff so you can get right to the real meat and potatoes of your goals, which is all about how you want to feel. That means no manic manifesting so that you can feel better. But to just allow ourselves the permission to feel better anyway, right now. To detach the thing from the feeling.

This frees you up to actually feel the way you want to feel with no barriers. This is alignment. 

This means no waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right so you can feel complete and whole. Just allow yourself to feel complete and whole right now. 

This means not waiting until you’re “successful” to give yourself permission to feel successful. 

This means allowing yourself to feel fulfilled and glorious even when your dream job hasn’t shown up yet.

This means letting yourself feel abundant when you haven’t yet made a dime.

This means allowing yourself to feel the way you want to feel. Period.

When this process is allowed, not only does it feel better, but you’re essentially giving yourself permission to experience your highest excitement without conditions. One of my favorite books, if you’d like to check it out, is Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map. It’s alllll about this process, and she simplifies it down so easily! Essentially it’s about picking out your core desired feelings, and running your entire life from that angle. It’s amazing.

So, how do you really know if you’re aligned with your goals?

Here’s a great question to ask:

When you move toward your goal, does every step of the way feel the way you’re wanting to feel throughout the whole process? If so, that alignment is ringing truer than any bell, my friend.

Good. Now go get them goals, tiger.  :)