How to Make DIY Essential Oil Rollers

How to Make DIY Essential Oil Rollers

Is it still the era of DIY? I’m gonna go out on a limb and just go ahead and say yes, yes it is. Why? Well, because now, more than ever, we have the knowledge, resources, and ability to create the kind of products we want to use where we know what’s in them. In this way, we take our health, wellness, and lifestyle choices into our own hands.

I used to collect perfume. I adored perfume. The more designer brand the better. But one day I purchased a few inexpensive essential oil sprays and suddenly I started getting so many compliments.

All of the sudden, friends, family, and co-workers came out of the woodwork and were like, “You smell good!” or “Who smells so good?” and even a stranger at a bar once said, “Who’s wearing patchouli? It’s amazing!”

After all of my years of traditional perfume, I now use mostly essential oil sprays and rollers for all-natural fragrance.

I wanted to create my own on-the-go product that would not only be a natural perfume, but would help support my emotions, wellness, and energy levels by being applied topically. So that brings me to one my favorite things ever, DIY essential oil rollers!

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The Easiest DIY Project Ever

Put down the store-bought perfume rollers that cost $80 or whatever. We’re going to make a custom all-natural perfume that costs just a few dollars to make. However, it does require some supplies, so I’ve gathered a list to help you get started.

What you’ll need:

  1. Glass essential oil roller bottles

  2. Carrier oil

  3. Essential oils

  4. Bottle labels

All of these ingredients you can get really easily on Amazon, which makes it all the better to just have these things shipped right to you to have them on hand.

Pro tips:

Aim to use essential oil roller bottles that are darkly colored to protect the oils inside from light, and that also feature a stainless steel or crystal (yep, those exist) roller ball inside. This is because plastic roller ball tops can tend to break down with the power of the oils, leaving some of that invisible plastic residue to soak into your skin (yuck!)

This  V-6 carrier oil from Young Living  is a great pick to start out with for your carrier oil. To get your wholesale discount,  start with the kit!

This V-6 carrier oil from Young Living is a great pick to start out with for your carrier oil. To get your wholesale discount, start with the kit!

In terms of carrier oils, I recommend almond oil or fractionated coconut oil. But you can also use Vitamin E oil or even Young Livings V6 carrier oil. Whichever oil you choose, just be sure to pay attention to the ingredients in case you have any allergies.

Also, when looking for a carrier oil, know that you’ll most likely be using this oil to make multiple roller bottles, skin recipes, hair serums, and more, so find a carrier oil that is going to be as multi-purposed as possible so you only have to get one!

Directions To Make Your Own Roller Bottles

Gather all of your ingredients together, then what comes next is super simple:

  1. Combine about 20 drops total of essential oils into each bottle

  2. Top with carrier oil.

  3. Secure the roller ball filament onto the top of the glass bottle and screw on the cap.

  4. Place a vinyl label of your choice on the outside of the glass bottle.

  5. Give it a shake, and that’s it!

If you don’t have any essential oils yet, no worries. I use Young Living oils, which you can learn more about and purchase here. But you can use whichever kind of oils you’d like for this. There are some oils that are stronger and more potent than others, such as peppermint or cinnamon, so you just want to be mindful of that.

These are the oils that come in this year’s Young Living starter kit.  Learn more.

These are the oils that come in this year’s Young Living starter kit. Learn more.

When Starting With the Kit

The most cost-effective way to get started with oils if you want to use Young Living is to do the premium starter kit. It hacks about $200 off the retail price and comes with a free diffuser.

Here are my favorite starter kit oils to use in blends:

StressAway: Smells like a tropical island! I love to use this blend paired with lavender on the wrists and neck for a sweet, warm perfume.

Lavender: Is there anything better for sleep? Lavender in a diffuser or on the chest at night is a soothing way to help you drift off to dreamland.

Peace & Calming: Such a sweet, calming oil blend. This blend was created to help you calm down and find relaxation in the moment. Also great for sleep.

Valor: Blue tansy has traditionally been used to promote courage, and this bright blue oil blend is no different. Great for calming anxiety and promoting feelings of confidence and well-being.



  • 12 drops StressAway

  • 8 drops lavender

  • Carrier oil


  • 10 drops Thieves

  • 6 drops lemon

  • Carrier oil


  • 10 drops citrus fresh

  • 5 drops lemon

  • 2 drops peppermint

  • Carrier oil


  • 12 drops Peace & Calming

  • 6 drops lavender

  • Carrier oil


On The Go Aromatherapy

However you choose to use your oils in the roller bottles, they’re uniquely your blends. Which makes this project one of the easiest ways to get creative with your oil blends. And once you make your roller bottles, name your blend and label them with some cute vinyl labels, and off you go!

I sincerely hope you love working on your new oily creations. If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to some roller bottle recipes but just weren’t sure where to start, or weren’t sure how easy they are to make, I hope this post has helped you find inspiration!


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