How to Make Money with Young Living

How to Make Money with Young Living

Maybe you’ve heard about how it’s totally possible to make money doing what you love. Maybe it’s also been shown to you that natural products are the way to go. I mean, aluminum in deodorant? Petroleum in makeup? Toxic chemicals exist in hygiene products in the US that have been banned in Europe. What’s the deal, right?! If you’re anything like me, those facts are downright irritating. And if you’re also like me, spending time in a job you dislike is wildly irritating as well. Both of these things intersect in a really fascinating way, as shown in the diagram below. 

This Type of Business May Just Be The Cinderella Glass Slipper Kinda Fit

I created a nifty little diagram to show where these two commonalities intersect, and these are what often bring people to start diving into the world of Young Living, which is a company that has a lot of steam under it’s engine after 25 years in business, as well as so many new people falling in love with their natural products every single day. You may be wondering if you’re one of those people. 

Is this you?!? Yayyy! Its me too!

Is this you?!? Yayyy! Its me too!

Trying out Young Living may be absolutely perfect for you if you have an interest or desire in better health with natural products and the ability to earn a residual income at the same time. These are the two biggest reasons I have seen that people joyfully jump in with YL, because it’s like the best of both worlds. I’ve heard this said before, that everybody on the planet wants to be healthier and wealthier in some capacity, so pairing the two is why so many people jump with both feet into the world of Young Living, and why so many people find success and abundance by sharing that newfound love with family and friends. Better health and more abundance represent something universally known to us all - freedom.

How to Earn Residual Income with Young Living

Alrighty, here’s the nitty gritty details you’ve been waiting for. You may be asking yourself, How on earth do people make an actual living this way? Allow me to break it down. 

(And to be real that first commission check is like the sweetest thing ever…)

Anytime you share your kit of oils with a friend, your knowledge of Young Living with a co-worker, share a post on social media or even host a workshop or class and that converts into sales, you earn a commission off of that sale. 

But it doesn’t stop there. When someone buys “under” you, meaning they use your unique signup link which houses your unique Young Living ID number, they’re now with you in what is called your organization

If you can imagine it as a web or the spokes on a bicycle, this person is now like a spoke on the wheel, or a strand of your web. Now they are able to go forth and do the exact same thing, because while they are a spoke on your web, they also have their own web where they can do the same thing. And together, you’re both benefiting. 

Now anytime they share with fiends and family, not only do they receive the highest percentage of commission from their friend, but you also receive a share as well. This goes up and up through the levels, stopping at a certain number (I believe it’s level 6.) So in this way, everyone benefits from the success of the other. Everyone is on an equal playing field, and anyone can up level or “up-rank” someone else. Where someone is in the hierarchy simply depends on when they signed up and who they signed up with. 

This is an example of the “visual” of the web, tree, umbrella, octopus, whatever you want to call it. But keep in mind that you are also involved in other people’s webs. But just like how on we can isolate one family tree, that’s what this image is showing. L1 means “level 1” and so on and so forth.

This is an example of the “visual” of the web, tree, umbrella, octopus, whatever you want to call it. But keep in mind that you are also involved in other people’s webs. But just like how on we can isolate one family tree, that’s what this image is showing. L1 means “level 1” and so on and so forth.

Ranks, Requirements, and Numbers

Allllrighty so to take things even further, when you get into the business side of this, you’ll run into abbreviations like OGV (organizational group volume) PV (personal volume) and PGV (personal group volume) these are all numbers associated with product amounts, dollar amounts, and the amount of your entire organization as a whole. These numbers add up to requirements to get to each rank. Ranks have code names such as distributor, star, platinum, and silver. As they go up, each rank requires a different set of numbers, as outlined here (insert link).  Meeting those requirements is essential to reaching that rank. This is the way that people are able to make either $0 per month, $42 per month, or even as high as $100,000+ each month (yeah, for real.) It’s about reaching those goals and making those number requirements to get to each rank. 

Check out Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement

Stacking or Placing Strategically

If you’re like, Ok, wait… what? I’m about to throw another curveball your way. A way that people can be strategic about their organization is to stack in their team. So when someone signs up under you (meaning they join and purchase a membership with a starter kit from your enrollment link) you can also strategically place them anywhere in your web if you so choose. There’s a time limit for this, but it means you can remain their enroller (the person who enrolled them) but can have the ability to change their sponsor, or the person directly above them in the web. 

The reason someone would do this is because it allows them to help others in their organization and spread out their web evenly, and therefore reach the rank requirements strategically. It never takes away from anyone or anything, but it helps that person reach their number requirements, and anyone can learn to do this.

So How Can I Start Making Money Now?

The first step is to just think about it. Learn about it, research, do your due diligence. As much as being in Young Living means being part of a team, it also means being your own boss, being responsible, and making your own decisions. The best part about this business is that you can make it however you want. If you want to do in person classes, that’s great. Want to just stick to online and social media? That’s great, too. There’s a lot of guidance and wisdom passed down by those who have done it all before, and that’s why the culture of Young Living is all about thriving together with teamwork and support.

You can start your Young Living business whenever you want to. The first step is to get your account and order your starter kit. From there, any person who buys their starter kit from you, earns you $50 smackeroons right in your bank account. Young Living’s compensation plan is really generous, and there’s loads more details I’d love to get to with unpacking all of that as well. But for now in the beginning stages, all you need to know are the basics that have been outlined right here.

So with that said, you may be wondering more about who I am and if you’d like to join with me! (Which I’d absolutely love, heck yeah oily tribe!) So if you feel a connection with me, I’d absolutely love to welcome you and assist you on your journey to boss life! (It’s kinda my thing…) But I’d also recommend to search around and make sure that you find a community that you feel comfortable with (and can learn the most from!) and then jump all in. Honor your intuition and also know that chances are high that if you stumbled upon this page, you may absolutely love to do this, even if it’s something that’s never landed on your radar before.

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And hey, if you’re an online entrepreneur, you’ll love our team that’s headed up by leaders such as Abagail Pumphrey of Boss Project, Nikki Hamm of Modern Oiler, and brand strategies Melissa Koehler. So if online biz ownership and financial freedom is your thing, rest assured you’ll be in great company. I offer a little bit more of an intuitive edge, so if that’s your thing, I welcome you with open arms!

So what are you waiting for? There are wellness goals to reach, people to serve, and financial freedom out there waiting for us! Let’s make some oily magic happen. 

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