How to Open an Etsy Shop in 30 Minutes

How to Open an Etsy Shop in 30 Minutes

Have you caught the Etsy bug? For those who don’t know what Etsy is, it is a marketplace for makers, crafters, and artists to come together and sell their wares.

You’ll find anything from birdhouses, furniture, paintings, knitted quilts, and even clothing on Etsy. Anything that can be made and sold is on there, including digital downloads like Photoshop templates and more.

Whatever you have to sell, if you’re a maker, chances are high that you’ve heard of or have been drawn to Etsy before. If you’ve ever though of opening a shop but haven’t fully taken the plunge  yet, this post is for you!

Setting Up an Etsy Shop Requires Very Little Startup Costs

Seriously, the overhead costs of opening an Etsy shop by itself is close to nill. $0.20 a listing is all you need to get started. From there, Etsy takes a 5% transaction fee along with a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee on every order, but I like to think of this as like paying rent. Since Etsy is such a close-knit (pun intended) community, just being on Etsy can help your site get found by buyers solely based on Etsy’s internal search feature. If you didn’t catch my previous post about the things to know before selling on Etsy (LINK HERE), definitely check it out. Because that internal search is one of my favorite aspects. 

Gather Your Materials You Etsy Seller, You

If you take just an afternoon to gather a few supplies, you’ll be able to fly through creating an Etsy shop in no time at all. Those supplies are: 

  • Shop name

  • Items to sell

  • At least one photo of each item (but more is better!) 

  • Shipping information (such as tax, shipping prices, etc.) 

  • Listing info + descriptions (see below) 

Using Canned Formats on Etsy

From listing to listing, it’s important that a customer sees consistency. So with listings, I like to copy/paste a general format and then go in and edit anything that needs to be made specific. I’d recommend separating your listing information into sections, such as, “About This Listing” “Instructions,” or “Included” and have those ready to go to copy and paste into your listing description. Also, have a footer on each listing that describes your shop, your policies, any legal information, or if you need to offer any disclaimers, as well as how a customer can reach you if they need help. (Most will go through Etsy Conversations, but it’s always helpful to include an email address or Instagram handle as well.)  Having a thorough description that is easy to read will help answer any questions before they arise. It also protects you, the seller, to have things explained clearly for the buyer.

Here is the initial “Stock Your Shop” page when first starting your Etsy shop.

Here is the initial “Stock Your Shop” page when first starting your Etsy shop.

Ready, Set, Sell! 

Once you’ve got everything ready to go, it’s time to get our Etsy on! Keep in mind, you only need one item to open an Etsy shop, which is pretty cool. Are you ready to roll? First thing’s first, create an Etsy Account. Second, click “Sell On Etsy.” This will take you to a page where you can name your shop and go through the on boarding process to adding your first listing(s)! Keep in mind, you are allowed to rename your shop once, but then any subsequent renaming will have to be submitted as a request to Etsy. 

Let’s Talk About the Listing Fee & Adding Listings

Once you’ve named your shop, you’ll be prompted to add at least one listing. This is required to start your shop, and this also only requires just $0.20 per listing, which holds the listing for four months or until that product sells. Keep in mind that this $0.20 listing fee is per item/per sale, so if you have 50 items in stock, each time an item sells, that listing will be renewed, so $0.20 gets put toward the next item. You can choose for listings to automatically or manually renew. When adding in listings, be sure to include the following:

Listing Checklist:

  • Keyword-friendly title and tags

  • A thorough description

  • Helpful photos (the more the better!) 

Make sure every item needed in the listing is filled out (if Etsy needs more info, they will let you know by giving a message when hitting “publish.” Sometimes it’s easy to miss areas, so don’t worry, simply go back and fill out the required fields, then hit “publish.” Etsy will ask about the $0.20 transaction fee, click “OK.” 

Add photos to each listing!

Add photos to each listing!

Open for Business!

Depending on how many listings you start with, I’m going to guess that we’re probably about 20 minutes into the process. Lookin’ good. And not only that, but adding your listing(s) has officially opened your shop for business! From this point, you’ll be redirected to the Shop Manager dashboard. This is your behind the scenes backend view of your shop, where you can view analytics, sales, and respond to buyers (the Etsy Conversations tab will become your best friend). 

This is also where you can customize your shop and add an About Page, a Seller’s Bio, and fill out some all-important shop policies. As of 2019, here’s how to get to all of these things: 

  • Customize About Pages: Dashboard > Settings > About Your Shop

  • Change Shop Icon: Dashboard > Settings > Info & Appearance

  • Customize Storefront: Dashboard > Sales Channels (select pencil beside your shop's name)

  • Add Shop Policies, FAQ, and social media handles: (same as above, but scroll down to the bottom!) 

See? There’s Even Time to Go Grab a Coffee

Setting up an Etsy shop is one of the quickest, fastest, and most pain-free platforms to set up and start selling your goods online. You don’t need to buy a domain, hosting, or anything like that, and you can be up and running within minutes. Not bad, eh? So let’s recap. To set up your Etsy shop quickly and easily, you’ll need the following things ready to go: 

  • Shop name

  • Items to sell

  • At least one photo of each item (but more is better!) 

  • Shipping information (such as tax, shipping prices, etc.) 

  • Listing info + descriptions

From there, you can get up and running fast. You will seriously be amazed and how quickly you can go from idea to sale while selling on Etsy. And just for the record, this post isn’t sponsored by the platform, I seriously just enjoy it so much that I love to share.

Time to Open that Etsy Shop!

I hope this article gets you jazzed to start your very own Etsy shop because it shows just how easy and fast it can be to get one up and running. I wish you the very best on your Etsy journey, and if you’re just starting out, please share a link to your shop below! I’d love to see what you’re working on. And if you know of a friend who may benefit from this post, please share this article with them as well. And from one Etsy seller to another, welcome to the Etsy community! 

I’d Love to Hear From You

Do you have an Etsy shop or would like to have one someday? What do you currently sell (or what would you like to sell)? Did you find that your shop was easy to set up?