How to Trust In Your Business Before It Takes Off

How to Trust In Your Business Before It Takes Off

There is one thing that is super important to remember when starting your business, starting a side hustle, or embarking on your dream project - and that is trust. 

Learning and analyzing and tapping into the logical side of ourselves is so needed in the beginning stages of an idea because that helps tend the soil for these seeds to grow. But sometimes, it’s also essential to push that logic aside and just trust that the damn thing is gonna work out. But guess what…

It’s can be hard to let go of the details.

So maybe we have goals in mind, maybe they’re really big and really awesome, but when it comes to the details, we grasp on tight with both hands and in doing so, unknowingly choke the life out of it. And then, before we know it our spark and passion has been choked out of our dream as well. Feel familiar?

Trust That It’s Going to Work Out

With whatever goal you have, the end may not look exactly like how you thought it would, or take you down the exact path you thought it might, but by golly, it’s going to work out one way or another. So make that your mantra. (And especially include the “by golly” part, lol!)

5 Steps to Transform Fear into Faith

Ok so take the thing you’re grasping onto right now, and look at it square in the face.

Ok, debt,

Ok, job-I-don’t-like,

Ok, relationship,

Ok, world,

Ok, whatever it may be, and just be like:

  1. This is okay to exist just as it is. (This doesn’t mean you like it or don’t want it to change, just hear me out…)

  2. I’m going to quit fighting it and I will find another route around. (Quit banging on a door if it’s closed.)

  3. I’m going to zoom out. (Think about the bigger picture.)

  4. I will focus on someone else’s problems instead of my own. (How can you help them? This will also help you.)

  5. I will anticipate the positive changes that are to come. (Sometimes circumstances make up our minds for us easily. It becomes very black and white. Changes are coming.)

All of these are real-world frame ups to get you in the feeling state of releasing that grip on what you’re trying to bring into your life. This then opens up the energy and allows you to place your focus on more positive and productive outlets, such as serving others (helloooo, which is probably one of your main goals with your business anyway) and trusting that any changes that come forward from here on out will be positive and bring you closer to your goals, even if they seem negative on the surface at first. Which brings you to the faith factor.

Have Faith and Decide to Succeed

Making the choice to turn in this direction will do wonders for your creativity and your work because it takes the pressure off. It’s no longer a guessing game as to whether you’ll succeed, it’s a choice, it’s a decision, and it puts the ball in your court.

And take small steps. If you’re already in a pretty good feeling place with your work, you can go even further. You can trust even harder, line it up even more, see the goodness even more clearly, bring a spiritual faith into the mix if you like. Because bringing in that trust factor is like a magic wand over your business ideas, and it can just grow and grow and grow. Some cool things may start to happen:

  • Old ideas that aren’t working may fall away unexpectedly to make way for new ideas that will.

  • You may suddenly feel inspired to create something new.

  • People who’ve never reached out to you before may ask for your contact information.

  • Things that you can’t orchestrate on your own may begin to happen for you.

  • You may receive an unexpected bonus or source of income.

  • Things may start to feel a lot easier.

You may find that some days you have all the trust in the world and other days not so much, so just remember that it’s a continual choice to keep bringing that faith factor back into focus. Some days it’s hard, and that’s okay.

A while back, there was that show called The Fear Factor, which was a game show where contestants faced their biggest fears. Sometimes going through The Faith Factor can be a little like that (but not as extreme! lol) where it might seem a little scary at first. But hey guess what, spoiler alert, you’ve totally got this.

For instance, what I mean by this is that having faith in your goals may push you to tackle some of the things that have been standing in the way. It may challenge you to:

  • Get out there in a bigger way.

  • Learn more about tech than you’ve ever really wanted to.

  • Take on tasks that seem intimidating.

  • Create videos… with your face in them! (gasp!)

  • Public speaking.

  • Be more vulnerable than you have been before.

  • Promote your services and value to a grander scale.

Some of these things may seem scary at first, but I want to put it this way: you wouldn’t have been inspired to create the business or project that you have if you didn’t have the cajones to pull it off in the first place. If the project you have going on right now doesn’t take off, don’t worry, something else will. Have faith anyway. Trust in the end goal and let go of the details you think are needed to make it happen.

And remember this awesome kickass mantra: This or something better.