How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

Let’s talk about the big elephant topic in the room when it comes to building an online thang. Email lists. If you’ve started a blog, online business, or store, you’ve probably heard the sage advice that yesterday was the ideal time to start building your list. It’s a piece of advice constantly shared by marketing gurus who have been around for years that if they could all go back and do it over again, they’d start building their email lists sooner.

So what’s a new online creator to do with this info? Well, hopefully you’ve gotten the nudge that no matter where you are right now, you can start building your email list today! And while there are several ways to do that, I want to share a really fun way that might be the breath of fresh air you need.

If you’ve been putting off building your list because it hasn’t quite been fun for you, this might change all of that. (Yay!)

Use A Quiz to Build Your List

It’s irresistible to not goofy-smile at the latest cute cat pic on Instagram and it’s also almost just as irresistible to pass up a fun quiz. I mean, I think we’ve all tried the Buzzfeed classics to find out what kind of tacos we are… Quizzes are a fun and engaging way to build your email list. No freebie, PDF, video, or separate lead magnet required.

If you’re someone who digs their heels in and would rather do anything else than build out another guidebook, PDF, or infographic… (“Uh, I gotta go wash my dog…?”) then a quiz for your site may be the perfect thing you.

Plus if you love to write and/or help hook people up with answers that may make them laugh, ponder, or find inspiration and clarity, then building a quiz for your audience will help them out just as much too!

Today I’m going to walk you through my creative process in building out a quiz for my website using a great quiz platform called Interact. Let’s dive in!

*Hey there! Just a heads up, this post does contain affiliate links which allows me to earn a small commission for sharing at no cost to you.

Brainstorming an Idea and the Results

My initial objective going into building a quiz was that I wanted a topic that would help people find clarity and also help me find out what they most needed help on. Initially it felt a little like a brain twister! So going into everything, I wrote down a lot of ideas on what to write my quiz on.

And then, I took a Starbucks break, found some inspiration, and literally banged out my entire quiz in a couple of hours! (It truly pays to brainstorm first, y’all.)

The topic that I ultimately chose was how to get connected with your ideal online biz type, whether that’s being a serviced based business owner, a product or shop owner, a content creator, or an educator.

Curious? Try out the quiz by clicking the button below!

What is Your Ideal Online Biz Type? Take the Quiz!

What’s Your Ideal Online Biz Type?

Not all business types are created equal. Let’s find your glass slipper kinda fit with this short quiz.


Creating Quiz Results with Intention

Did you give it a try? (Yay!) How did it go? Basically, when I looked at what I had struggled the most with going into starting my own creative business online, I realized that I could help shed some light on not only how to line up with your perfect business type according to your personality and interests, but also provide a plan to implement once you connect with that. So I included those types of tips in each result. It was important to me to have the results pages be helpful and intentional!

Interact also has this great feature where you can start your quiz with a template or simply start from scratch. I opted to start my quiz from scratch and use the Personality type of quiz.

Customizing the Branding & Styling

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List with Interact

What I really appreciated about being inside the platform is the emphasis on matching your current branding and styles, whether that’s with colors, fonts, pictures, and more. And once you’re done with the quiz creation process, you can simply embed your quiz onto your site where it can live in harmony with your brand.

Each quiz can have a cover page, which can come with a title, a cover photo, a description, and a “Take Quiz” button. All the text and colors are customizable, and you can upload your own images or choose some from their built-in Pixabay integration. All-in-all, the Interact quiz-building process is so simple and easy to use.

Coming Up with Questions & Results

This process had me a little intimidated at first, I’ll be honest! But in choosing the Personality quiz style, I soon realized that my peers who are in different businesses have different personality quirks, common complaints, or run into the same problems again and again.

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

So I used these pain points I already knew of, such as someone who’s a product guru just wanting to get back to being immersed in their craft (what they really love) instead of tinkering on social media or their website, and used those points to form my questions.

For every step, there’s the ability to form the logic to each question and tie it to the correlating result. So for each question, I stepped in and coordinated the logic points, which was probably my favorite part!

The way it works is that once a visitor has completed the quiz, they then enter in their name and email address to see their results (there’s also a double opt-in checkbox option.)

There’s built-in results pages but also the option to auto-redirect to a results landing page that you’ve created on your own site or to implement a call-to action button. I chose to include a call-to-action button that leads to my blog at the bottom of each results page. That way, a quiz taker has the option to be directed to a resource that can continue to provide related value to them.

Integrating Your Email System

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

Your quiz can hook into the email system you have, whether that’s MailChimp, or in my case, ConvertKit. Integrating my mailing system was so easy. It just took a few clicks and a couple seconds of inputing my system’s API keys.

From there, you can have the option to connect each results to a different sequence or campaign, or even to have different answers from each question lead to a separate sequence! I opted to thread all of my results together to one place that leads them to the same mailing sequence for simplicity for now. Although I may change this later on down the road.

Publishing Your Quiz on Your Site

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

There are many different routes you can go to publish your quiz to make it live for your visitors on your website. For me, I opted to use an announcement bar as well as a direct link in a section on my footer.

There are also options for a popup, and ad, a landing page, and also a direct link to your quiz as well.

My advice would be to see what has worked best for you in the past, and try that strategy first. If you haven’t ever tried a popup, announcement bar, or ad, then use this as an experiment to find what works for you! See how your audience responds and then use that data to strategize for the future. And speaking of data…

Checking Your Quiz Analytics

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Email List

At any time while your quiz is published and live to the world, it’s working for you to capture analytics! It captures results and records all of the questions and choices that are chosen by your visitors.

You can check your strategies to see how they’re working, how your quiz questions are stacking up, and make tweaks accordingly.

You’ll also be able to see how many people have viewed, started, and completed your quiz to help you understand your audience a little better and see how your questions are performing.

A Fun Way to Build Your Email List

Ultimately, a quiz is a great idea if you want a different way to grow your email list that is fun, engaging, and can teach you things about your audience while also providing them with value.

All in all, the most challenging part of the quiz process for me was coming up with the questions! But once I decided that I wanted my quiz to run like a personality quiz, it became so much easier to form each question and pair them with the right results.

My advice when building a quiz is to take a look at your niche and start out with the end result in mind. Where do you want your visitors to go when they’re done? What do you want them to get out of it? Whether that’s with a call to action, next steps, or getting onto your email list sequences, think of the quiz as a first step in that process.

I hope this post was helpful in breaking down step by step how to build a quiz to grow your list! Wanna try it out? Hit the button below to build a quiz for free!


I’d Love To Hear From You

Have you ever used a quiz to grow your email list? What was your experience like? Do you need help coming up with a quiz topic or building out your results? Let me know in the comments below!


In this post I’ve teamed up with Interact to share my experience building quizzes. I highly recommend this platform to build a quiz of your own! Get started here.