How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again. I love Pinterest. My love affair with this platform started back when I was in college and used it to mainly laugh at funny memes (truly, that was about it.)

Now, I use it for just about everything, from collecting inspiration, learning new online strategies from the pros, creating logos, coming up with great color schemes, sharing blog content, and of course, collecting pictures of puppies on the reg (can’t leave that part out!)

So how in the world can you actually use Pinterest to build out a brand? Like, literally? I’d love to show you how.

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Capture the Look and Feel (Go“Brand Window Shopping”)

Sometimes, the conceptual part is the most fun. It’s what I like to think of as the “honeymoon” stage. Just designing and dreaming up what something could be can be so. much. fun. It’s the reason why folks across the globe create wedding boards on Pinterest and pin to it for years and years before their actual wedding day. It’s all in the preparation, right?

You can do the same thing with your business. What do you want it to look and feel like? How do you want it to shine off the digital page? What content really grabs your attention and gets you all sparkly and excited? This is the part where it’s all happy, shiny, bubbly and just getting clear on exactly what you want.

This is the dreamy, merry stage before the work part of it sets in. Because a brand is like a fire, you have to keep adding kindling to get it to keep glowing. But this brainstorming part is the first step. So do yourself (and your brand) one epic (and fun!) favor and start off by creating a brand vision board on Pinterest.

Pinterest Task #1: Create Your Brand Vision Board:

Create a new board on your Pinterest account (you can make it secret if you want) and start pinning any and all visuals, colors, plants, animals, locations, rooms, desks, flatlays, recipes, locations, etc that set up the scene for you to get all sparkly excited to be like “YES, this is my brand!”

Check out an example of this here!

Simply comb through Pinterest and carefully and intentionally curate the visuals on your board to match how you want your brand to feel. Pinterest is such an effective tool for this, and I always like to call this stage “Brand Window Shopping!”

Hint, hint! You can then share your board URL with a designer to give them a thorough view of your brand vision. It’s like giving the celebrity photo to your hairstylist!

The Nitty Gritty Brand Items

The crux of your brand is going to the life you bring to it, so the overall vibe, feel, tone, voice, etc - but in the beginning stages you also really need the nitty gritty design elements, like logos, fonts, and icons taken care of. This is your signature visual as a brand, your stamp of recognition that lets others know who you are.

Biggest hint I can give you here is don’t overthink it. Just like trying on too many wedding dresses (yep, I see you over there being tempted to pin one more wedding pin!) looking at all the brand things and all the logos and all the website layouts and all the styles on Pinterest can be really, really fun, but it can also start to get really, really muddy and confusing after a while if you don’t take decisive action.

As the wise say, you want a great marriage, not just a great wedding dress that you’ll only wear once. Focus on your core brand mission, not just the way it looks.

Pinterest Task #2: Create A Logo Design Board

You don’t need a whole lot of pins here, like maybe 5-10. Just something you can use to lend inspiration off of (no copying, though!) when you either a.) create your own logo designs or b.) hire the task out to a designer. This is a great way to pinpoint the styles you like and the way you want your brand to look with things like the logo and font styles. Give this to your designer if you’re working with one. It helps tremendously.

Marketing Your Tail Off

Once you have your brand, and Pinterest can help tremendously with that creation process, you may suddenly find yourself like, “What do I do now? How do I market my content?” And that my friend is where Pinterest comes right back around the corner to say, “Hey, girl!”

If you run a blog, or have a blog as part of your service-based business or website, then a great way to get eyes on your blog is through Pinterest!

You can create vertical blog graphics in Photoshop, Adobe Spark, or Canva and start adding them into Pinterest inside your account, through your website’s “Pin It” button, or via a third party Pinterest-approved app called Tailwind. If you’ve never tried Tailwind, I highly recommend giving it a try, and in fact you can even get your first 100 pins for free just to test it out!

Pinterest Task #3 Pin Custom Graphics Onto Pinterest

Go ahead and create some graphics! Get your hands dirty, and either actively pin or schedule out a few pins with Tailwind onto applicable boards on your Pinterest account. Make sure your website is Pinterest friendly (has Pin It buttons) and start pinning!

Pinterest is a Search Engine, Not a Social Media Platform

If you’re sort of groaning here like, “Aaauuggghhhh yet another social media platform I have to master.” Then I have good news. Pinterest actually isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine. Which means pins on Pinterest don’t just disappear down the feed into the netherworld after a few hours or when the algorithm’s not at a peak daily time. Pins actually have a long shelf life, sometimes only hitting their initial stride after around 3 months.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, that means harnessing the power of SEO is important with your pins, including having good titles and descriptions with applicable keywords. Another pro-tip for bloggers out there is to use the actual Pinterest search bar to come up with new blog content. Type in your niche or specialty and watch what topics appear! You may be surprised.

Pinterest Task #4 Get Blog Ideas & Add Titles and Descriptions to Your Pins

Give your pins life by adding titles and descriptions with keywords to surface in search! Also, use the Pinterest search bar to come up with terms, keywords, topics, and sources of info for your next round of blog content. Keep a spreadsheet or Trello board full of ideas! This takes the head-scratching “What should I write about?” question off the table. (Didn’t I tell you Pinterest was awesome?)

Get On Board the Pinterest Train

If I haven’t yet convinced you to get on the Pinterest Express, I hope this explanation has helped you to jump all in with your creative process and marketing strategy. If you try out any of the tips above, I’d love to hear from you. Did your brand experience positive growth by using any one of the Pinterest Tasks outlined above? Which one made the biggest difference? Let me know in the comments below!

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