How Yoga Can Breathe Life into Your Business

How Yoga Can Breathe Life Into Your Business | Jessica Colyer Blog

When hitting a dead end in my work, I always look at it as the first sign to stop and check in. Where are things getting stuck? What is my energy doing? How does it feel? And then, I convince myself (which is easier than it used to be nowadays) to back away from the computer, put down the phone, and grab my yoga mat instead.

Yoga is such an amazing way to get energy flowing and become unstuck. And because everything is holistic, it can massively affect the work we do as well.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, moving meditation and a practice that can move stagnant energy out and connect you to the your true self. When this happens, decisions may suddenly become crystal clear. Aches and pains may even dissipate, and our connection to the world around us can totally shift. There are all kinds of yoga styles out there from hatha, ashtanga, yin, restorative, and more, and the key is finding the practice that resonates with you.

When we are connected to who we really are, our true self, it’s easier to get laser focused on what we want and have the ability to know exactly where we’re headed. Moving that energy in a productive way with yoga not only supports the physical body but can also massively improve how we show up in our business.  If you’re wondering what else this has to do with business, here are more ways that yoga can help you in your work.

Gaining Clarity

Have you ever felt fuzzy about something or like you’re straddling between two decisions and have zero clarity on which way to go? Me too, friend. In that moment it’s like clarity, where y’at?

Here’s the deal though, ruminating on the same confusion or overthinking and analyzing something it isn’t fun, and often isn’t helpful. And for those stubborn ruts, sometimes we can get in that same stuck pattern for years! But I like to think of it like the energy already knows what to do. All that ever goes wrong is if we stand in the way of that energy and block it. Yoga helps us get out of the way so that energy can move and clarity can come in.

Staying Grounded

It’s so common when first embarking on something new to get lost in swirls of ideas and all of the amazing possibilities and in doing so, become overwhelmed. It can feel a lot like driving really fast with the windows down, breeze in our hair, having the most exhilarating time ever - and then suddenly realizing the car is about to run out of gas. 

Staying grounded helps keep the car moving without obstacles or disturbances. It keeps things stable. If your’e someone that tends to have lots of highs and lows or a feast and famine cycle, being grounded can help soooo much. Groundedness has this essence of detachment to the outcome, which is a super healthy place to be both in life and in business.  

Yoga promotes being grounded and centered, and this can help keep those whirlwinds of ideas from whipping us off the road. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by choices, it will become so much easier to pick out one idea from the pack that truly speaks to us and say with confidence, “I’m doing that.”

Resiliency and Grit

Despite what stereotypes exist out there, yoga is not for sissies! Yoga is great for relaxation, yes, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Never underestimate the potential for deep emotional healing and huge energy shifts from just one class. It happens. The reason why is because it’s just you and that mat, there’s no distractions, no other equipment, no running away, no ignoring problems, it’s all you.

Yoga creates this sacred space where we are given the opportunity to confront ourselves and our “stuff” and that can be hugely cathartic. 

Many types of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Kundalini can create so much mental strength, resilience, and fortitude. After the 7th minute of doing a kundalini kriyah or the 5th time of doing a tough Ashtanga posture you will not walk away with the same frame of mind, I promise.

If you’re on the verge of calling it quits with your business, a yoga class can turn that right around if you let it. I’ve experienced this for myself and it is powerful stuff!

Yin & Yang

Yin is feminine, receptive, mindful, intuitive, and flows like water. Yang is masculine, giving, assertive, and expressive outward with a force like fire. Yoga combines both of these elements and if any one area is lacking, it can help strengthen it to balance it out.

So if you....  

  • Don’t have confidence in yourself to take action

  • Can’t seem to connect with your intuition

  • Are feeling totally stuck

  • Have trouble expressing your true self

  • Your business doesn’t feel aligned with you at all

  • Aren’t able to easily share about what you do

  • Tend to shy away from new opportunities

  • Aren’t able to receive any new ideas

This could be indicative of a yin/yang imbalance. Yoga will gently challenge you to grow into those areas that are imbalanced by bringing both elements into the practice that can bring both sides into balance once again. It’s like this harmonious recalibration.

Mind, Body, Spirit

If I had been told years ago that yoga would help me with mental toughness, strength, personal growth, and my business, I would have been like oh okay, sure. But the truth is, it has! It may not be the right solution for everyone, but for those who vibe with a holistic mind, body, spirit showdown, a yoga practice could be the kick-ass business strategy you never knew you needed.

It sounds counterintuitive to think that a great business decision would be to step away from the computer, the desk, or the screens, but if you’ve been stuck or spinning your wheels, stepping out of that rut and onto the mat could be the absolute best decision you could make for your business today.


Questions about starting a yoga practice? Ask away, I’d love to help you implement a strategy. Namaste!