Is Young Living Right For Me?

Is Young Living Right For Me? | Jessica Colyer Blog

There’s been a surge of interest in essential oils lately with folks who are hungry to learn, understand, and take part in their own wellness movement. Maybe you haven’t heard of Young Living before but want to know more, and if so, this post is for you!

Young Living is the pioneer of bringing essential oils to our modern lives. In fact just this week the company celebrated their 25th year serving the community with this work. And that work is pretty simple…

Bringing the highest quality essential oils and wellness products to our communities.

Young Living has been celebrating and cheering on those choosing a non-toxic lifestyle for over two decades, and because of this I feel a kind of kindred spirit with them. Hey, Young Living is a millennial, too! No other essential oil companies can say that. There are so many more things that I love about the company and also the oils themselves, so I’d love to break it down in case you’re wondering if Young Living may be right for you. Read on, friends! 

For the Love of Oils

Remember the low-fat craze of the 80’s and 90’s? Everything was fat free! And as a result, there were so many extra sugars, chemicals, and additives put into foods to replace these fats. Hey, we were doing the best we could, we thought fat was the culprit! Nowadays we know better, and we understand that fat is like hella important, and as a result we’ve all fallen head over heels in love with avocados. (#avocadotoast)

Also: oils. You may also remember (ok this is still kind of a thing) when every cosmetic ever was touted “oil free” and “non-comodogenic.” This can be great and all for sensitive skin, unless those oils are replaced with icky substitutes! 

In the past oils have been seen as bad, and if you wanted clear skin, you’d do your best to never let an oil touch your skin, ever. That is… until the oil cleansing method came about and rocked that boat forevvvvver.

Oils are the pure (and powerful) essence of the plant.

The art and practice of distilling and/or extracting oils has been around for millennia (lol so I guess in a way oils are millennials as well… bu-dum-chhhh) and the method has been a practice often included in beauty rituals, religious ceremonies, or even just for health benefits since the ancient times.

Just like different dried herbs are amazing for different teas, the oils of those plants are amazing for producing different effects, such as relaxation, killing bacteria, or relieving tension.

Here are a few examples of Young Living oils and their effects and uses:

  • DiGize: digestive support.

  • PanAway: topical for relieving muscle tension.

  • Lavender: relaxation, comfort, and sleep benefits.

  • Eucalyptus: breathing easier, calming tension, uplifting the mood. 

  • Thieves: A powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral oil blend.

  • Joy: uplifts the senses and promotes calm and well-being.

  • Valor: promotes courage and an uplifted spirit.

  • PanAway: topical for relieving muscle tension.

Let’s Talk about the Power of Scent

Ok so have you ever walked into a room, smelled the candle, air freshener, or potpourri going on and instantly fell madly and deeply in love with that sense of comfort, happiness, and contentment? 

That’s the power of smell, my friends. Our sense of smell is connected to our limbic system in the brain, which is linked to memories, emotions, and our basic human instincts.

This fact is why every speciality store from Starbucks to Anthropologie leverages the power of scent to make you feel a certain way. (And therefore cause you to want to take a piece of that goodness home with you. Just use this reason to explain your next Anthropologie splurge, it’s fine…) 

Now candles, air fresheners, or any other kinds of artificial scent sources are great and all, except their scent could also come with a side order of hitchhiking chemicals like cyclohexanone, dibutyl phthalate, or diethylhexyl phthalate. Um, ew. Now I’m not gonna spend much time unpacking all of that, but the bottom line is that essential oils are the real thing, and that should make you super excited. 

Why? Well, as a personal example, diffusing northern lights black spruce oil for the first time this past holiday season made me do a happy dance of joy in the kitchen because it was literally that. It was the actual scent of actual trees in the actual northern lights region of actual Canada and I was like YESSSS.

So if the real thing is calling to you, Young Living is here to be like, “YES, friend. Right this way.”

Personal Development and Growth

A lesser recognized perk that I have noticed is that Young Living’s products can also help support personal growth and self development. How you ask? Yeah, it might seem kinda strange, but trust me on this one. There are three prongs to this:

Firstly, these products challenge us to clean up our lives. It’s kinda like Pringles, once you pop the fun don’t stop. (Lol!) Let’s face it, lavender is the gateway oil we all didn’t know we needed, and that’s a good thing. That means being all-in to a lifestyle of less toxicity, all-in to setting better boundaries and saying YES to what we truly want to bring into our homes. Just like Marie Kondo teaches, we choose what we bring into our future by what we choose to keep in the present. The Young Living journey brings with it the challenge to level up and go big. It can change people’s lives.

Secondly, growing in authenticity as an entrepreneur. What’s really cool is that there’s always the option to share and earn an income from the business model that Young Living provides. As people fall in love with their oils, their kit, or their experience, they often just naturally share with others, and sometimes boom! A business is born. That first kit of oils has then potential to turn anyone, and I do mean anyone, into an entrepreneur. Moms, dads, college kids, those without business degrees, those with a full time job, chefs, dog walkers, anyone.

It’s an incredible business model and an amazing way to pay it forward for friends and family who many also adore these oils as much as you do. 

Thirdly, these oils are the actual pure essence of the plants themselves, which means these oils are incredibly healing, purifying, grounding, and transformative just by the pure energy they embody. The power of support with the body, emotions, and your personal energy levels is amazing. It’s like walking into your own flourishing botanical garden that can support your personal growth journey from start to finish.

I like to look at essential oils like these individual lil’ bottles of wise plant teachers. When we’re ready, the teacher appears. During the midst of change and transformation is often when people find essential oils. 

Tours, Retreats, and Customer Support

In terms of the company itself, Young Living is very much open about their process, facilities, and methods of farming. In fact, so open that you can even go visit the farms and tour them for yourself. They offer tours of their facilities for visitors and guests, and also have transparency about all of their partner farms. This is huge, because no other essential oil company can say the same.

By sharing the oils and reaching certain ranks you can be invited to exclusive retreats, and there are also conventions and events that are open to all. The company invites you to be a part of this warm, inclusive culture, which is so nice. They also have crazy good customer support! True story, once I was delivered the wrong order of oils, so I hopped on the live chat support line fully ready to help ship it back to the right recipient, but not only did they fix the problem immediately, they also let me keep the order free of charge. Like I said, crazy good customer support.

Follow The Ole’ Intuition

Wanna know the honest reason I jumped on board? I trusted my gut and followed my intuition and I’m sooooo glad I did. Today my arsenal of oils is like my secret weapon to living a happier, healthier life and I’m so happy to have them. I’ve also implemented the Thieves line of cleaners and detergent to cut out even more chemicals. For me, it’s nature’s ultimate support system.

And I want to help you experience the same! Click here to get started with your own oils.