My All-Time Favorite Essential Oils for Clarity & Focus

My All-Time Fave Essential Oils for Clarity & Focus

If there’s one thing I really love to pair together, it’s the digital world and nature, whether that’s with yoga, loose leaf tea, going outside, or opening a window for a fresh breeze. But there’s also another way to take it a step further.

Here’s the deal, when sitting behind a screen all day it can get reeeeeaaallllly disconnecting after a while. Even when taking a laptop and sitting outside it’s easy to get disconnected.

If you’re someone who tends to get ungrounded a little too easily (like moi) then you may benefit greatly from inviting a little more grounded Earth mojo back into your life.

Enter: plant potions, grounding elixirs, nature in a bottle, or also, you know… essential oils.

Ultra-Grounding With a Side of Focus & Clarity

I do my best to stay grounded during the day by either a.) sitting outside, or b.) having my diffuser running on my desk. This is so I can keep nature around me as much as possible.

When I do this, at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve been stuffed inside all day, or that I need to get outside later in the afternoon to escape. For me it’s a better way to work, and I find that I get more done when I do it.

When I was introduced to using essential oils by another creative entrepreneur, I was sort of in the headspace of, “Sure, essential oils are great for skincare and stuff.” But I didn’t realize at the time just how much they’d become a huge part of my wellness routine, self-care, and also my favorite sidekicks for work, life, sleep, and beyond!

I Could Rave About These All Day…

I could talk about all my favorite oils for sleep, relaxation, and skincare all day, or how I always bring citrus oils with me to Starbucks to add to my drinks (pictured above!), but today I wanted to specifically share with you my all-time favorite oils for clarity and focus.

While these oils are not part of the specific work that I do, such as designing a website or putting together a branding project, they are a big part of my work and self-care routine behind the scenes.

I’ve learned a long time ago that without a proper self-care routine, it’s like driving a car without oil. (Ha, I did not even intend for that to be a oil pun, but it happened and I’m so glad, lol..)

Having a self-care routine means that I’m setting up the conditions so that I can feel good, happy, and content as I go about my day. Which is really, really important to me and not just in relevance to getting work done or being productive.

My Favorite Focus & Clarity Oils

Here’s the sterling trio! I took this photo the other day while outside working on a project.

Here’s the sterling trio! I took this photo the other day while outside working on a project.

When it comes to really hitting the ground running with a project or situation where I want to make sure I am energized with my head in the game, I reach for three oils specifically, and I want to share those with you today. Those are Young Living’s Citrus Fresh, En-R-Gee, and Peppermint oils.

Diffuser Tip: add three drops of each to your diffuser to melt away into a creative zen paradise. I haven’t come up with a name for this just yet, but thinking the description above suits nicely. :)

Psst: There are so many great essential oil brands to choose from, and you’re welcome to experiment, but you can read more about why I use Young Living oils here.

Citrus Fresh Blend

Comprised of all the citrus loveliness one could ever ask for such as grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and lemon, there’s also a dash of something extra in this blend, and that’s spearmint.

Citrus fresh is an oil blend that I love to add to iced tea, and it’s the one that makes any diffuser blend pop with summery happiness. In terms of perking up your mood, Citrus Fresh (or any brightening citrus oil) has your back totally and completely.

En-R-Gee Blend

Sure, the name is kinda funny, but the effects are serious! With rosemary, juniper, and lemongrass, this one is made to enhance your mood, lift your focus, and perk up your senses.

Rosemary is known to be a pick-me-up for the mind, so when I have some hefty work to get done or need my focus to be on point for a couple of hours, I’ll slip a few drops of En-R-Gee into my diffuser or better yet, take one drop and rub between my palms and inhale for a good 10 seconds. Focus time.

Peppermint Oil

This green bottle houses the only oil I’m mentioning that’s not a blend. This is just the pure, potent oil by itself right here. Peppermint is known for helping calm digestion, soothe aches and pains, relieve headaches, and even offer a cooling sensation when applied topically. Peppermint is the first thing I reach for when I have tummy woes, but also the first thing I reach for in times where I’m lacking clarity or direction.

Peppermint, when added to any diffuser blend, has the potential to lift up the entire room and sharpen everything with its freshening aroma.

Plus, having a drop on hand as an instant breath freshener when I’m on the go is by far the best way I’ve ever found to undo that “I coffee’d all day" kind of feeling.

How Can I Try These??

Because these lil bottles of plant juju have helped me so much I can’t wait to hear how they help you! You might find that creativity strikes you with certain blends, or that your mother in law just cannot get over how amazing your house smells… (“Seriously, is that a Glade Plugin?”)

The more I can help creatives stay in a grounded, zen, Earthy paradise while they create, the happier I am, because the more I feel like I’m making a difference.

I myself used to use candles, plugins, or air fresheners that just exacerbated my allergies, but once I switched to natural essential oils holy shnikes, things got way better (and way less toxic.)

If you wanna try any of these oils for yourself, I’d highly recommend starting the way I did, and that’s with Young Living’s premium starter kit, which actually comes with two of the oils I mentioned above: citrus fresh and peppermint.

Basically the kit includes a free diffuser, 12 oils, and free samples of all kinds of awesome goodies which would retail for $400-ish smackeroons but with the kit it’s just $165, which is totally nuts (in a good way)!

The kit is loaded with a variety of oils (like frankincense, holy moly that one’s amazing…) and an uplifting blend called Valor (which I diffused for stress relief while I was doing my freelancing taxes this year, no lie lol…) All in all it’s just a great way to get started. I absolutely adored receiving my kit. And starting with the kit gets you membership pricing on any other oils you may want too at 24% off. So that way you can add my the En-R-Gee blend to your order at the discounted price. Ohhhh my goodness your creative mojo will thank you!

Plus, the way it works is when you get your kit through my link above, we basically get to be BFF’s (yayy!) which means if you’re a creative entrepreneur (or even if you’re not!), you’ll get me as your mentor/guide/wellness accountability partner in crime and I’ll be able to welcome you into this oily world that I call home now. (It’s such a party in here, trust me, a really really great-smelling party.)

Staying Grounded, Clear, and Focused

There are seriously so many good tips, tricks, and methods for staying grounded and happy as a creative entrepreneur, but using essential oils is one of my favorites. Whether you’re a designer, a VA, a freelancer, a social media whiz, or whatever your job title, we’ve all got to discover the self-care that works for us in staying sane, well, and happy on this crazy (awesome) journey of ours!

Ok, Now It’s Your Turn!

Tell me all about your favorite oil blends! Have you been using essential oils for a while? Or maybe you ordered your first kit today? What are you most excited to try? What effects are you most wanting to support with essential oils?