My Review of the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

My Review of the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

Are you kind of done using the studio mats or those flimsy ones from the drugstore? I really, really was. About four years ago I got really into yoga and knew I wanted to take every class under the sun and also realized I wanted to teach someday (and now I do!) So I figured it was time to invest in my own yoga mat. 

During a lucky shopping trip I just so happened to stumble upon a Manduka ProLite mat on clearance due to a printing defect it had on the back (I’ve never found one on clearance anywhere since!) and once I brought it home with me I was hooked. So let’s chat about why this mat would be such a great addition to your yoga practice and how you can get your hands one of your own!

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These Mats Have a Lifetime Guarantee 

According to Manduka, all of the Pro Series mats come with a lifetime guarantee if used and cared for correctly. There are some stipulations to this, for instance my mat was marked “irregular” upon purchase due to it's printing defect, so it’s not covered. But for any regular purchase, you're good to go. 

Now, this doesn't cover coffee stains or wine splashes (you know, from those trendy wine and yoga classes!) and it doesn’t cover damage from harsh cleaners or environmental factors, for example. But essentially, if you take care of your mat well and use it in accordance to it’s intended use, it’s covered under this lifetime guarantee. This mat is intended to be used for a lifetime. So in terms of making an investment, to me this speaks volumes in terms of the initial sticker price, which is still comparable to other pro mats out there. 

Read more about Manduka’s Lifetime Guarantee here.

So Many Color Choices!

You could literally scroll through all of the amazing color choices on Manduka’s shop page for daaayyyss. Both men and women can find designs they like through the shop, with designs and colors that seem appropriate for everyone, no matter if you like muted colors, neutrals, or bright hues. There’s a color for everyone.

Mats can be purchased on Manduka’s site or also bought on Amazon through their shop for a little less (depending on the size/color availability) if you’re in for a little bargain hunting. 

At 4.7 mm thick these mats have enough cushion to support feet and hands, but does not give an overly thick profile. The mats do have a dense weight to them, so I’d highly recommend investing in a simple yoga mat strap to carry your mat to and from the studio.

The Break-In Process Is a Little Salty

Manduka mats are known for needing a break-in period at first, and according to your preference, may even require a manual break in process with a salt scrub

Let me just say, I had no idea yoga mat exfoliation was a thing (lol)… but the reason for this it that there may be a film left over from the manufacturing process that can create some slipping during use. Sure enough, I did notice problems with slipping at first, and that’s probably the only negative thing I can say about this mat. So I ended up investing in some good yoga mat towels which fixed the problem completely until the mat had broken in all the way.

In the end, what really broke the mat in for me was simply continual use, cleaning, and care. I don’t need to use yoga towels anymore for regular classes and the mat doesn’t slip anymore. You can check out the salt-scrub technique that Manduka recommends here

Environmentally Friendly

Along with the lifetime design, one of my other favorite things is that according to Manduka’s website, these mats are made without harmful emissions into the atmosphere, unlike other brands of PVC yoga mats or athletic gear.  The lifetime design also means less yoga mats in landfills.

The hearty life-long design and environmentally conscious manufacturing process should make any Earth-loving yogi a little more at peace with their mat choice. 

To make things even better, if you’re in the market for a new mat but you still have an old one,  you can also opt in to Manduka's LiveOn program, where old mats are repurposed and recycled instead of thrown away. Upon checkout, simply opt into the program and they will send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send your old mat back in, no matter what the brand is. 

My Official Yoga Sidekick

It’s been a couple of years since I first took this mat home, and I’m happy to say that it has served me very, very well. This mat was with me during my first hot yoga class, first acro yoga headstand, first vinyasa power class, first goat yoga class (lol!) and also the first class I ever taught myself. 

This mat has officially became my go-to yoga sidekick and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their practice with an environmentally-friendly mat that will last a lifetime. Namaste! 

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*This post is not sponsored by Manduka, and all opinions stated are my own.

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission for sharing at no cost to you.

My Review of the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat