Try This One-a-Day Marketing Strategy to Ditch the Overwhelm

One-a-Day Marketing Strategy

Just like the age-old idiom of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” this is one method that’s easy to take down, like a spoonful of sugar. It’s just one apple, right? And while that phrase may or may not be actually true (especially if said apples are doused in caramel sauce) it’s certainly cozy and comforting, isn't it?

Marketing tends to, well…. not feel that way.

Unless you were a marketing major in college or marketing is your career field, online business owners typically have to teach themselves how to market online in today’s digital space. I know, I know.. in addition to being the creator of the products or service you sell, you also have to market the thing? Well, yep.

Unless you can hire outside marketing help right off the bat (lucky duck), there’s really no way around this. But it’s okay! Because I’m about to teach you a way to get ahead of your marketing strategy instead of feeling like you’re always trailing behind it. 

Because when it feels like we have SO many things to do and we’re always behind, often it’s much more enticing to just pull up Netflix and do nothing...

But if there’s one thing I share today, it’s this - by doing just one thing each day, just one marketing task, it adds up tremendously. By the end of the week, you’ll be able to look back and say "I had a marketing plan! I did marketing! I did it!"  

And that feeling of success and seeing those results is my wish for you today, my friend!

Pick Just One Marketing Task Each Day

Yep, you read that correctly. Just one. And there’s one BIG caveat to this: when you complete that one marketing task, you have to actually allow yourself to be done and feel successful about it. Don’t rush to the next task, or feel like “you’re not doing enough” by leaving things at that one task!

Once you cross that one item off of your to-do list, that’s it!  Allow yourself to revel in the satisfaction of a job well done. You’re done with marketing for the day. Good job! 

And hey, that means anything else you decide to do that day in regards to marketing gets to be a bonus. As in, it wasn’t needed, but you did it anyway because you’re just that amazing. (You go-getter, you!)

A lot of marketing is a mental game. The overwhelm comes from seeing this mountain of potential tasks that could get done, “if only” we could work harder, be smarter, know each social media platform inside and out, have a bigger audience, have more confidence in ourselves, have a better education or even have a professional background to know what we’re doing. (Yeah… okay. I’m calling B.S. right now.)

Marketing isn’t a big monster, it’s all about sharing what you do so that those who are looking for that thing can find you.

So take the pressure off! You don’t have to shout from the rooftops, uncomfortably sell to your friends, or indiscriminately yell at passing strangers hoping and praying that someone somewhere will pluck you out of oblivion and listen to you. Which brings me to my next point...

Get Clear on the Problem You Solve

You’re not catering to everybody and you don’t need to be everywhere on every platform at all times. You certainly can if you want to be, but the more important thing is that you show up on the platform(s) where your target audience is most likely hanging out and also where you love to spend the most time in.

You also want to be sure to use messaging that gets straight to the hearts of those you can help and straight to the matter of the problem that you solve.

So what’s your thing? Do you design stationery for brides? Have an Etsy shop for cat lovers? Dig into that and find the problem that your valuable work solves.

Brides, now you have beautiful stationery to check off your wedding list that brings a shiny light of relief to the gazillion other things you have to do to plan your wedding.

Cat lovers, now you finally have that cozy sweater to put Sebastian in when he gets cold, and it’s actually cute too, and not a weird cat lady style. (You bought a matching set!)

These solutions may seem simple, and that’s totally okay. The problem you solve may not be ultra-serious, but it still fills a need. Sometimes that need is providing a great baby shower gift, creating an art piece for someone’s foyer, help with nannying kids, or helping a busy shop manage their social media page.

Your business idea solves a problem, so identify what the heck that is and use that knowledge to market the jiminy cricket out of this thing one day at a time.

Set Goals & Track Progress

I always thought it sounded funny when I’d hear the advice “You have to be strategic! Don’t just fling spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks!” Like yes, I definitely agree, but also when first starting out everything is new, so there’s only flinging spaghetti at the wall. In this sense, how can we find a good strategy?

Well, really, spaghetti flinging is a strategy. Not a very good one, but sometimes we just need the space to fling noodles like a wild thing and experiment to find what works first. 

And after a while of trial and error and getting your feet wet, you’ll have an idea on what has worked for you and what hasn’t, and that space that was reserved for experimentation will now become your strategy sphere.

So don’t be afraid to actually come up with a strategy for your marketing! Even if you’re totally new at this. You don’t have to be ultra-successful to have a strategy. Start from where you are.

My recommendation is to create a plan around weekly goals and tasks for your marketing based on the platforms that you want to focus on, whether that’s email marketing, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Which one piques your interest first?

Use your past experience (or if you’re starting from scratch, just choose the first place you want to focus on) to help you form these goals and hone in on a place of focus. Where do you want to grow this week, this month? How do you want your audience to hear from you or find you? I love to use Trello for this, but you can use any tool you’d like.

Make sure you can track your progress! This is a huge confirmation as to whether or not your efforts are actually working.

Pick Your Marketing Methods

This is the fun part! I saved it for last because I know sometimes we need to warm up to it a little. There are a multitude of ways you can market your business. I’ll list out a couple of strategies, so just grab onto the ones that speak to you! 

  • SEO

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Running Ads

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Email Marketing

  • Video (YouTube)

  • Instagram 

  • Blogging

  • Facebook Groups

  • Farmer’s Markets

  • Networking events

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Guest Posts

  • Brand Collaborations


Did any of these spark your interest? Which three would you say spoke to you the most? Notice if you feel pulled to certain ones over others. Everyone’s businesses and personalities are different! For instance, you may love having a Facebook group, or love the idea of making Pinterest graphics. If something piques your interest, pay attention to that signal.

(Although whether it piqued your interest or not, I’d highly recommend having an email list!) 

From there, plan out  to the best of your ability a one-a-day marketing plan for the week, such as this one:

Monday: Instagram post  📷

Tuesday: Newsletter send 📬

Wednesday: Blog publish 💻

Thursday: Facebook post 💌

Friday: Attend local networking event 🥂

That’s it! Don’t worry too much about planning everything ahead for an entire month, although having a content calendar is helpful. Just focus on one task at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Let’s Make Marketing Easier, Shall We?

Doing just one marketing task each day, no matter what it is, means that you're showing up for yourself and investing in the future of your business by demonstrating to your audience that they can trust you to solve the problem you have set out to solve for them and that you will show up consistently to get it done.

The right people want to hear from you! Deliver your message at these folks with targeted messaging that speaks to your solution to their problems. From there,  have goals and numbers that you can track and use the marketing methods that speak to you the most.

If marketing has seemed like this insurmountable task to you, I hope this one-a-day method has helped to alleviate the pressure and provided a do-able way to get out there and get seen by those who will love your work.

Mmmmm *exhales* I feel more zen already!

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Trouble With Marketing?

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