Sophisticated Font Pairings for Squarespace and Canva

Font Pairings for Squarespace and Canva

Calling all font enthusiasts! With over 550,000+ fonts in the world (according to this article, yikes) you’ve got a lot of options to choose from! And if you’re in the midst of building a brand, it can be easy to get hung up on the little things like fonts and colors. But listen up! Friends don’t let friends get so hung up on their font selection that they *forget* to start their brand, business, or blog. Not today, folks.

Also, good designer friends don’t let friends who are using Squarespace and Canva use fonts that aren’t available on Squarespace and Canva.(🙄)

So today I’m sharing three favorite font combos that I love and that are also available on both Squarespace and Canva so that you can seamlessly create graphics with ease (and brand consistency.) Yassss.

Not All Fonts Are Available Everywhere

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re like, “Wait a minute, why wouldn’t every awesome font be available on Squarespace or Canva?” It’s a great question, and it has to do with licensing, so basically, not all fonts are available everywhere.

And yes, while there are ways to get custom fonts uploaded into Squarespace and Canva (as long as it’s the paid version of Canva) for the sake of not wanting to make things harder than they need to be, I wanted to share these amazing options that are already on there and will require zero legwork to get them there in the first place. Hello, ease and simplicity.

Why Would I Want Fonts That Are Available On Both Platforms?

If you’re running your site on Squarespace, you’ll have noticed that there’s a dropdown menu for choosing the fonts for your text and headings. There’s a lot of choices there! And while it’s a long list, it doesn’t include every font out there. For instance, many fonts found on font websites or places like Creative Market most likely won’t be on Squarespace.

In the same vein, some of the fonts that are available on Squarespace won’t be on Canva, and vice versa. So down the rabbit hole we go to find the perfect selections. But it’s so worth it, because it will save you time and keep your brand consistent!

I can say from personal experience that it’s quite disheartening to fall in love with your fonts and styling only to realize that Canva doesn’t have those fonts…. (looking at you Brandon Grotesque.) It’s a definite “womp, womp, womp” moment.

The Basic Rules for Font Pairings

Ultimately with your blog or site, the unspoken rule is to have two main fonts: heading and body text, and to typically (but not always) create contrast with those and pick a serif and sans-serif.

You can also choose one accent font if you so choose, usually a fun script or decorative font, which can add some more pizazz and personality to your brand. So three fonts max.

For sophisticated looks, think editorial. This is dealing with words, after all, and magazines do words really, really well!

I love to glean inspiration from lifestyle ‘zines like Magnolia Journal or Southern Living. If you're ever at a loss for font ideas, check out magazine spreads from a publication you love. See how their pages are laid out. What draws your eye to them? What different fonts are they using? What feels the most like you and your brand?

Words are important, and if you’ve been getting hung up on the font choices for your brand (it’s ok, don’t beat yourself up!) chances are you totally get that, too.

And while words are important, it doesn’t have to take forever to decide on your font selections. The ultimate goal is to get your brand up and running!

Sophisticated Font Pairings for Squarespace & Canva

Squarespace Font Pairings That Are Also On Canva

(See the graphic on this page to view these combos in action!)

Marcellus & Lato

Clean and streamlined, Marcellus has a vintage look while Lato has a crisp feel. I think this sleek combo would be great for fashion or food blogs that are wanting to shine a light on photography first and foremost. Mid-century modern fonts like Marcellus are really big in the design world right now, and this pairing effortlessly says modern and minimal.

Josefin Sans & Cardo

I always think of Josefin Sans as a spunky feminine font that looks great as a header or also as body text. I love it used here in all-caps as the header and balancing that feminine look with the more masculine font Cardo, which reminds me of a high-end office that smells of rich mahogany (that’s for all you Ron Burgundy fans.) Overall, this combo is elegant and sophisticated.

Bebas Neue & Bentham

I’m convinced that Bebas Neue is reserved only for those who are strong enough to wield it. 😂If your brand packs a punch and is bold and fierce at its core, this font is all yours. On the flip side, Bentham is a serif font with a lot of personality and elegance, but when paired with Bebas Neue it gets a more punchy feel. This font combo would be great for blogs, online magazines, shops, and more. This font pairing shouts bold and clear.

Brand Consistency, Done Beautifully

I hope these font ideas help on the path to choosing the perfect fonts for your brand! I believe that having brand consistency with your fonts is important because it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure that your audience reads in your voice and absorbs your content in a way that matches how you want your brand to feel.

Your dream audience will be able to stay in the loop and recognize your work from far and wide. Having font consistency can also offer a sense of structure and clarity to any graphics you create, which helps you save time and stay sane. Cheers to that!


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Are you having a hard time choosing fonts for your blog or website? I’d love to help. Or, have you found the perfect fonts that work seamlessly with Squarespace and Canva? Dish about it below!