Starting Over? Try This Exercise First Before Tossing Your Website!

Starting Over? Try This Exercise First Before Tossing Your Website! | Jessica Colyer

I’ve totally been there before, when a project or website that has accrued so much time, work, and effort suddenly starts to feel like an adversary. Things suddenly feel like more of a struggle or like they aren’t working out as they had in the past. 

Sometimes the prospect of scrapping everything and starting over can feel really nice at first. Like starting off with a clean slate again with a side dish of rebellion. Almost like saying, take that, website. 

But it doesn’t need to get so ugly! Before tossing out your website completely (or Etsy shop, Shopify store, or blog) there’s a simple exercise you can try, which I’ll share below. Chances are, starting fresh doesn’t need to get so drastic! And better yet, this simple exercise may help salvage your existing site and allow you to tune into what it is you really want with it.

Change is Inevitable

It’s just a fact, as we grow and change, our business ideas and websites will also change and morph to reflect that. That is, if we let them. So perhaps things have shifted a little bit in either your focus or your style on your site and it’s time for your website to get up with the times! If that’s the case, it’s may be high time for some fresh updates, my friend. In fact, this might be all you need! And just know that this is totally normal.

Great places to start are: 

  • Your about page - has your mission statement changed or become more refined? Updating your about page can help recalibrate your focus.

  • Imagery - do the images on your site feel flat or like they don’t quite align with you anymore? New photography can spruce it up. For stock photos, HauteStock or Shutterstock are great, and I also recommend Unsplash for free images.

  • The homepage - If you’re on Squarespace, it’s great to try out a new template or play around with a scrolling Index page as your homepage (depending on the template.)

These things alone may be enough to break free of a creative funk! But if not, let’s dive even deeper… 

Shift Into Alignment

Have you ever put on clothes that just didn’t fit or didn’t suit your style anymore? I believe that a website should a.) match your mission, and b.) match who you are. Because in that way, people get a sense of who you are, what you do, what your vision is, and what it’s like to work with you right off the bat. 

Website style decisions can often translate in unexpected ways. 

For instance colors, fonts, copy, and imagery used on your website can all evoke certain feelings with visitors and potential clients. In turn, these style choices should be aligned with you so that you and your values and mission are always at the center and the heart of your business.

If you’re not sure where to even begin with bringing your website into alignment with you, try this super simple (yet powerful) exercise below.

Try This Simple Website Clearing Exercise

If you’re just not feeling that alignment anymore, or if your site feels more like an adversary than a friend, and you’re teetering on the edge of throwing in the towel, this exercise is for you. Simply find a calm, comfortable place to sit and follow the steps below.

  1. Step away from your website and stop working on it. Just take a break.

  2. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. 

  3. Imagine a cord of light going through your feet to your belly and back down to the Earth. 

  4. When you feel centered, imagine that those breaths are now going into your website. 

  5. With every inhale, fresh new life is being breathed into the site. With every exhale, stagnant energy is falling away. 

  6. Hold in mind how this site will feel when its messaging is clear and aligned with you. 

  7. Visualize your website rearranging itself on its own, even if you don’t know what that will look like just yet. 

  8. Let any past frustrations or anxiety that may be lodged in the website pages pass right down through that cord of light and into the Earth. 

  9. Take a few deep breaths, visualize disconnecting that cord of light so it travels back down through your feet and into the Earth. 

  10. This website clearing exercise is complete. 

How did that feel for you? The intention of this simple exercise is to help you step back from the site so you can allow yourself the space to feel fresher, lighter, and lessen any resistance toward the project itself.

So if you tend to….

  • Constantly make changes or style tweaks (yes, even until 2am…)

  • Second guess yourself or your content

  • Question your messaging

  • Experience visitors being unsure about exactly what you do

  • Have a wide variety of topics and can’t seem to narrow down a niche

  • Feel burned out, depressed, or have hit wall after wall with your website…

Then this exercise is perfect for you. Why? Because it has nothing to do with working on your site itself. Because let’s face it, for many of us creatives, we have trouble pulling away from a project, sometimes to a fault. We can tend to also be over-thinkers, so rest assured that if there was one more thing we could tweak, edit, or find custom CSS for to fix this problem, we would have done it already (at 2am…).

But guess what? That frantic, scattered energy ends up being reflected back to us in the site itself. So this exercise is all about filling in that missing link and going straight for the energetic alignment first versus trying to find some template, font, or color out there that will (we hope) make our website dreams complete.

Finding the alignment first allows clarity to follow. 

In allowing yourself to practice this exercise, later on you may feel inspired to make certain style changes that you’d never thought of before. It may help you get crystal clear on your messaging or vision (or even inspire you to hire someone to help!). So it’s a good reminder to simply allow these changes to unfold, and know that they were all a part of aligning your energy with your vision.

And above all, this exercise can even prevent the unnecessary tossing of an entire site overboard. So that’s a win in my book! 

Did you try this website clearing exercise? What results did you experience?