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How to Get Started as a Photographer

Are you the friend that always brings their camera along? Or maybe you secretly loved that photography class in high school, you know, the one where everyone took it as an “easy” elective. Well, if so, you may just have the knack for being a professional photographer! I’m going to share the essential things you’ll need to get started with a photography business. Aspiring photogs, you’ll love this one!

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How to Make Your Own Social Media Graphics

I know, I know, you may be thinking that there’s not one more thing you want to pile on your plate. But here me out! We humans are visual creatures. It’s been studied that we as humans take in visual content with 90% of our brains and written content the other 10% (yikes!) So why not let our social media graphics do the talking? Today I’m going to walk you through how to easily create your own graphics. Let’s dive in!

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