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How Yoga Can Breathe Life into Your Business

When hitting a dead end in my work, I always look at it as the first sign to stop and check in. Where are things getting stuck? What is my energy doing? Then, I’ll back away from the computer, put down the phone, and grab my yoga mat. Yoga is such an amazing way to get energy flowing and become unstuck. And because everything is holistic, it can massively affect the work we do as well!

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5 Simple Switches Toward a Chemical Free Home

One of the things I love nowadays is the access that we have to information. We have never been more informed, more empowered, and more able to make decisions that are right for the wellness of ourselves, our families, and our planet. That’s why it’s so easy now to make simple switches toward a non-toxic lifestyle. Today, we’ve got the power to know better and do better. Here are 5 simple ways to do that.

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