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My All-Time Favorite Essential Oils for Clarity & Focus

When sitting behind a screen all day it can get really disconnecting after a while. If you’re someone who tends to get ungrounded a little too easily (like moi) then you may benefit greatly from inviting a little more grounded Earth mojo back into your life. Learn how to use my favorite essential oils for bringing clarity and focus back into your day.

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How to Make Money with Young Living

Maybe you’ve heard about how it’s totally possible to make money doing what you love. Maybe it’s also been shown to you that natural products are the way to go. I mean, aluminum in deodorant? Petroleum in makeup? Yuck. If you’re anything like me, those things are downright irritating. And if you’re also like me, spending time in a job you dislike is wildly irritating as well. Both of these things intersect in a really fascinating way, and that way is called Young Living.

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How to Get Started With Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are near and dear to my heart. As pioneers of essential oils, Young Living been around since 1994, and they have a unique Seed to Seal guarantee which no other company has. So today I’m going to explain exactly what these oils are and how to get started with Young Living to you can get your hands on these amazing oils. Read on!

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