The Best Coffee Alternatives to Stay Energized

The Best Coffee Alternatives to Stay Energized

If you’re like me, you might find it hard to imagine starting your day without a piping hot cup of coffee. In fact, that notion might even seem downright offensive. There’s this pocket of time I savor where it’s almost like “middle morning.” There’s the first morning, rise and shine, and there’s the real morning, gotta start the day and do all the things, but there’s also this piece in the middle, where it seems the only responsibility is to just sit and enjoy the coffee. Ahhhh, it’s my favorite.

Sometimes though, our bodies could use a rest. Coffee is high in acid (unless it’s a light roast) and can damage our gut health if too frequently consumed, especially on an empty stomach. So every once and a while, I like to forgo the coffee and opt for some great alternatives instead, and I do say great, because great alternatives do exist! I’m so excited to share with you these amazing coffee alternatives to help jump start your mind and body and to also keep you uplifted and energized throughout the day.

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Crio Bru / Instagram @criobru

Crio Bru / Instagram @criobru

1.) Crio Bru

This is my creme de la creme of coffee alternatives because it’s literally just roasted cocoa beans! It’s warm and toasty like coffee but without all the acid, and the brew smells like brownies baking. Mmmmm… The roasted cocoa beans contain high levels of theobromine, which is a natural energy source (but doesn’t cause jitters.) Crio Bru comes pre-ground and can be found in the coffee sections of some specialty grocery stores. It also comes in multiple roast variations and locations like light, medium, dark, and french roast, and from locations such as Ghana, Ecuador, and Venezuela.  Simply make it like regular coffee. 

Pro Tips: Use a french press for best flavor, add a teaspoon of cocoa powder or melt some dark chocolate in the brew. Use the leftover grounds to blend into a peanut butter and banana smoothie for a cocoa powered punch.

2.) Yerba Mate

If tea is more your thing, look no further than Yerba Mate. This South American tea has caffeine, so don’t assume it’s all sweet and nice. However, Yerba is gentle, kind to the body, and tastes amazing with a bit of honey, a sprig of mint, or even some cinnamon mixed in. According to the Guayaki website, “Yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in one beverage.” Pretty cool, huh? 

Tea Tips: Black tea and Green tea are also great picks as well, but contain high levels of caffeine that may cause jitters!

3.) Herbal Coffee

My favorite, and I’m talking favorite herbal coffee blend in the entire world is made by a friend of mine and is sold through her website and Etsy shop. This blend is toasty, warm, earthy, grounding, flavorful, and just makes me happy. It tastes healthy, but there’s also this smug triumph about it because how could something taste so good and yet be so healthy at the same time, and it’s also not even actual coffee?? If you want to be blown away, put down the store-bought chicory stuff and try this blend instead

4.) NingXia Red & NingXia Zyng

If you’re looking for an entire change of pace, and something to sip on while cold, then Young Living’s antioxidant-rich NingXia Red or the energizing NingXia Zyng would definitely be your thing. Kick back a shot of Red each morning for an energizing antioxidant punch, and then sip on a Zyng as a natural energy drink in the afternoon. Zyng has all the antioxidant benefits as well, but comes in a bubbly form. I love both, and I’ve used both when in need of some refreshment, and they’re both amazing. They both include pure essential oils in them as well, which gives this really luxurious feel to them. I always feel fancy when I drink these.

5.) RAU Cocoa Drink

Every time I go to the store I get one of these! If I could buy these by the crate, I totally would. This is RAU, a cocoa drink meant to be enjoyed cold, and it comes in three flavors, the Original, the Cocoa Coconut, and a Mocha Cold Brew flavor for all the coffee lovers out there. Every time I have one of these I obsess over just how good it is. I’ve tried other cocoa drinks and protein shakes before, but this one is by far my favorite. Hands down. It’s excellent as a post-workout refresher because the natural antioxidants and theobromine in the chocolate helps the body recover and re-energize. 

Four Sigmatic / Facebook

Four Sigmatic / Facebook

Drink Rau / Instagram @drinkrau

Drink Rau / Instagram @drinkrau

6.) Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa Mix & Coffee

Let’s do some shrooms! So by now, you’ve probably heard of a little group by the name of Four Sigmatic (which sounds like it could also be a Seattle grunge band) who produces some of the tastiest shroom blends ever. Mushrooms like chaga and reishi are known as adaptogens and help strengthen the body. These mushrooms blend so well with coffee and chocolate that their mixes (and the benefits they bring) are too good to pass up. I love the packets because they easily dissolve in hot water and are perfect on the go, but Four Sigmatic also has a full-bag coffee blend available too, and it can be prepped and enjoyed just like regular coffee. Three cheers for shrooms!

Take the Coffee Alternative Challenge!

Nothing can ever be exactly the same as a perfect latte or espresso, but I find that without venturing outside of the box, we can miss all of these amazing other things! If you’ve been getting bored of your normal coffee routine, or maybe coffee isn’t doing that much for you anymore, maybe it’s time to take the coffee alternative challenge! You may just find your next new favorite morning routine. 

(*This post contains affiliate links)

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