The Best Essential Oils to Pair With Coffee

The Best Essential Oils to Pair With Coffee

If you caught me dishing the deets on how I love to add a few drops of something extra to my Starbucks green tea when I’m working, you’ll know that I love me some essential oils.

Perhaps you’re no stranger to the loveliness of oils already or maybe you’re completely new to them. In which case, you’ll still get something yummy out of this *delicious* post today! 

Coffee Is My Morning Ritual

Coffee is a staple to my mornings (sometimes I’ll throw a curveball and switch to tea) and overall it’s always a signal to myself that “Ok, it’s time to get work done” 

I typically keep my peppermint oil and coffee combo to the holiday season (peppermint mocha lovers where y’at?) But I recently read a comment in a forum about using orange oil in coffee (😱) so I curiously gave it a try and it. is. incredible. 👏👏🍊☕️

So today I’m diverging a little bit from creative business how-to’s and going into focusing a little more on that mug that sits right beside you throughout your day. Y’know, the reliable sidekick that gets refilled as you refuel. That plain ol’ coffee? Let’s crank it up a notch. 

My Story with Essential Oils

I’ve been using oils routinely for over a year now. I use them in my diffuser, near my bed, as a cleaner, breath freshener, a tummy-ache soother, foot pain reliever, in my skincare routine, and so much more. So I love to share how I use them in my everyday life, and how you can use them in yours too!

Essential oils are basically the purest potency of the plant, and so they carry with them so many benefits that support our overall health and well-being in just a few tiny drops.

Last year I decided that I wanted to use more natural products on my body and around my living space with as few chemicals as possible, and with that my love of essential oils was born.

About Ingesting Essential Oils

It has to be said, only ever ingest essential oils if they are from a reputable brand and are labeled for internal use!

Some oils are not safe to be ingested at all, which is why I love to use Young Living’s Vitality Oils collection, which is clearly labeled for dietary use, and all the legwork has been done to ensure that they’re safe to ingest (but you still have to use them responsibly.)

Using essential oils internally can have great effects, such as supporting your immune system, digestion, and supporting your overall health in ways that diffusing them can’t really do.

Adding a drop of oil to your coffee (or tea!) can help you to reap these benefits easily throughout the day, and it tastes amazing, too. (Seriously, Starbucks will be jelly.)

So, which oils will taste amazing in that macchiato?! Read on.

The Toothpick Technique

This is essential!! (Pun intended) For the stronger “hot” oils like cinnamon bark and peppermint, use a toothpick, dab it into the oil bottle, and then swirl it into your cup. Otherwise it may be quite strong! And keep in mind that essential oils are not like flavor syrups. They’re super potent concentrations, so use only one drop MAX. And only 2-3 drops per day!



This one’s my current fave. If you’re a fan of orange and chocolate as a flavor combination, chances are high you’ll like this. Simply add one drop to your morning cup of joe and swirl with a spoon for an uplifting zing.


The warm and spicy-sweet flavor of cardamom is enough to make anyone want to bundle up in a cozy sweater. Add one drop (or use a toothpick) to swirl this sweet and spicy oil into your cup.

Cinnamon Bark

If ever there was a flavor of fall, I think it would be cinnamon! Cinnamon bark oil is known as being a “hot oil,” so use the toothpick swirl method for this one. 


The perfect tummy-soothing accompaniment to winter weather, add a toothpick swirl of this oil and a dash of hot cocoa powder or chocolate syrup for a homemade peppermint mocha! 


Again, make sure your oils are labeled as safe for internal use! I recommend the Vitality Line which you can get through Young Living, but feel free to swap in a different brand, just please be sure to do your due diligence and research in making sure it’s a safe choice!

The premium starter kit is the way I began my own membership to get everything at the wholesale price. The kit comes bundled with four Vitality Line oils already, which you can learn more about here, and you can also order any oils you like off their website without a membership at the retail price to get these oils in your life ASAP! 

Enjoy That Cup of Joe Even More

We work hard, we play hard, and as freelancers, creatives, or work-from-home-er’s, we enjoy our coffee hard. So why not upgrade and make it even more fun (and support our overall health!) with a few drops of nature’s best in there, too? ☕️


What Did You Think?

What do you think about this coffee hack?  Are you an essential oiler like me? I’d love to connect with you!