What Type of Blog Should I Create?

What Type of Blog Should I Create?

I’ve heard others ask this, friends, relatives, co-workers, and even myself when I was first deciding what to write about.

So many people know they want to start a blog, but just aren’t sure what to write about or where to start.

When so many of us are these sort of multi-passionate superheroes and have so many different interests, it can be so easy to get stuck on, “Well what’s my thing? What kind of blog should I start?”

So I want to help you if you’ve been asking yourself this same question and hopefully shed some light on ways to get moving in a good direction.

What Comes Naturally to You?

When first opening up to the possibilities here, you’ll want to ask yourself that simple question of what comes as a natural joy to you? This can be a loaded question because sometimes we can be naturally good at something but not necessarily enjoy it. So we want to find a place where the natural ease and joy intersect.

Take this scenario for example. You’re at a party chatting with some friends and suddenly the conversation turns to a very specific topic, something that makes your eyes sparkle with attentiveness and you get so excited. This is so fun, you think. I’m so excited to be talking about this. I’ve never realized this before, but I could talk about this for hours!

Are there any topics that are close to you where you naturally bend toward that direction? Maybe you read books or listen to podcasts on this subject (without any prompting!) and you attend classes, watch webinars, or even work in that same field.

What do you find yourself leaning toward naturally and wanting to explore more and more everyday? What can you write about easily, confidently, and naturally without batting an eye? This might just be the special something you’ve been looking for.

What Do People Ask You Often?

Maybe you’re known in your friends circle as the one with all the great advice. Or maybe the one with the best style, the best taste in podcasts, the best at baking, or the best at fixing things.

Let’s play around with this, here. Below are some questions. See what you come up with!

People in my life often come to me for _____________

I’m always able to help people out with _____________

A question I get asked all the time is ____________

Were those questions revealing for you? And hey, when in doubt, take it to the sources themselves! Ask your friends and family what they think you’re a whiz at. Ask them about those moments when they think “Oh, I’ll ask them, they’ll know exactly what to do.” Your inner circle may have a clearer view on your own strengths than you do.

Discovering your area of expertise is simply about finding the spots and areas where those natural inclinations and interests intersect and starting from there. Because rest assured, you have an area or pocket of expertise that is the perfect vehicle for a blog.

Choosing a Blog Niche

I’m all about letting things flow naturally, as I shared in this post about finding your niche. For instance if something feels off, it most likely is.

There are many stories out there about bloggers who started very different types of blogs and niches before resting on their current one. I think it’s easy to forget that everyone has to start somewhere and some of the biggest and well-known blogs had a beginning that no one necessarily saw or knew about.

But in terms of niches, are so many blog niches out there! You could write about cooking, baking, crafts, crochet, woodworking, natural health, self-development, gardening, family, kids, tech, travel, and more. The list is literally endless.

But ask yourself if you’ll still be interested in that topic 2 years from now (you don’t have to know for sure, and your writing will surely evolve!) but if your answer as things are currently is yep, then you’re on the right track.

Get Started and Your Niche Will Appear

If choosing a type of blog makes you fearful that you’re locking yourself in or being pigeon-holed into an area that’s too narrow for you to comfortably breathe - then take a step back! Breathe. Relax. Because the whole point of a blog is (hopefully) to feel more expressive, creative, and to have fun, right? So make sure the approach and process feels that same way also.

As an example, I tried out two different niches at first, business and alternative health (both separately). I felt locked in with both of those separately but together, ahhhh so much better. So I brought them together with the same angle and found that my niche naturally formed into this genre-bending thing where business topics, yoga, and wellness collide. It just naturally bent that way, and it wouldn’t have happened unless I’d just started.

So keep in mind that your exact perfect niche may not exist elsewhere…

It may not be out there for you to model just yet.

This is a good thing, because it means you get to mold it as you go along.

Select a beginning point, and simply get started.

Whew! What’s Next?

Well, friend I’ve got a couple of great resources for you! If you’re wanting to start your blog fast, as in like, today (eek!) then be sure to check out this tutorial and worksheet on how to assemble your brand and blog in a matter of minutes versus days, weeks, or months.

The tutorial walks you through a classic blog setup, using a template I started on when I first started blogging with Squarespace.

A hard lesson I had to learn (after so much time and money spent on things I didn’t need…) is that starting a blog doesn’t need to be about #allthethings when first starting out. The most important thing is about finding your voice and a rhythm and just getting started.

Now, if you’ve gotten this far and are just wishing someone would drop in and help you out (totally been there!), then you may looove the VIP experience I offer (along with gorgeous web designs of course) inside my website design packages! I help take online businesses and blogs off of your plate and into a whole other level of awesome, so drop me a line if you’d love to learn more!

I’d Love to Hear From You

Where are you at in your blogging game? Have you settled on a name, topic, or niche yet? What are your biggest obstacles to getting started? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to know where you’re at!