Why I Use Essential Oils

Jessica Colyer | Young Living

Essential oils stem from an ancient tradition going back thousands of years of extracting the oils from plants. Because one drop of oil is more potent than handfuls of the same plant, these oils are powerful, effective, and valuable. Oils can be used topically, aromatically, and internally to support the body, mind, and spirit.

Why Young Living?

Young Living has been around for over twenty years, and their trusted Seed to Seal quality puts them far ahead of the pack. Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their own farms and oversees the production of these oils from start to finish. Their essential oils have brought so many benefits to my life and I know they have the ability to do the same for you. 

I use oils from anything to soothing a stomach ache, quenching dry skin, and also as emotional and immune support. My diffuser is always a staple on my desk and my oil rollers in my purse keep me focused, calm, and happy while on the go.



Wellness & Abundance

Now you may have heard that it’s possible to earn an income by sharing oils, and it’s true! By sharing with friends, a wholesale member has the ability to be compensated for sales made through their membership link. This is all totally optional, but it’s a great perk, because so often we recommend products to our family and friends, but Young Living makes it possible to actually be paid for it! To find out if this is for you, I’d highly recommend checking out some posts from the blog which walk you through how the whole thing works. It was after viewing these videos that I decided to jump in myself. Also, here are some helpful links below:

Young Living Income Opportunity Disclosures

View Income Opportunity (Courtesy of SimplyHomeKC)

The First Step is to Create a Membership Account.

There are two account options: retail and wholesale. Retail purchases are always made at retail price, but becoming a wholesale member with Young Living allows you the ability to receive 24% off every time you order.

To dive in with a wholesale membership, everybody begins with a starter kit. Why, you ask? Great question! This is so that everybody can have the most amazing first experience with Young Living possible. It’s like ordering the entire sushi sampler platter versus just one California roll.

The premium starter kit option is the most popular because it’s loaded with over $400 worth of oils and products (plus a free diffuser) for just $165.

Once you become a member, there are no obligations ever, and a purchase of $50 per year is all that’s required to keep your membership active. Simply enjoy your oils!



Join Our Community and Say Hello!

Anyone is welcome to join the FB community even if they don’t want to become a member with Young Living. Just come say hi and see what it’s all about! Our group is called Simply Home, and if you join through this link, I’d love it if you could tag me in the welcome post so I can give you a tour.



Follow These Simple Steps to Get Your Oils:

Click this link or the button below to be taken to the membership page where you can: 

  1. Make sure “Member" is selected so you'll receive 24% off all of your purchases.

  2. Ensure the Sponsor/Enroller ID reads: 16229075

  3. Select your starter kit (The premium starter kit will be preselected and it comes with a free diffuser, woohoo!)

  4. Add any other products you would like to order with your new 24% off.

  5. Setup your Essential Rewards Subscription on step 2. (Optional, but the perks are simply amazing.)

  6. Complete the signup process and receive a confirmation email.

  7. You can then log into your virtual office and check out the startup resources.

  8. I'll get you plugged in to all the FB groups and online goodies you will need!

Your kit will arrive within two weeks, so get excited! Within a few days, you’ll receive a warm and personal welcome from me where I’ll plug you into our FB community and provide you with any next-steps you’ll need to get started on your journey of a healthy lifestyle and loving oils.

I’m so excited to welcome you to this journey! You’re going to love it!


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