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Web Design


Totally over your current website situation?

I build professional sites for businesses, blogs, and portfolios that stand out and get noticed. I’m not just here to build another website, I’m here to build your new home on the web, one that you’re actually proud of! (Is it time to pop the bubbly yet?)


Let’s face it, tutorials can be difficult and going the DIY route can be maddening (and time-consuming!) So I’m here to help you swap all that out in exchange for a VIP design experience, where we can work one on one to accomplish your goals.

With years of experience designing on Squarespace, I’ve got you covered. And hey Wordpress fans, I won’t leave you hanging. I can help with that too.

I work on one project at a time so you can have the one-on-one attention and support to launch your site in a very short time.



Launch Your Site

In weeks, not months.


I’m a fan of positive anticipation and getting all giddy excited about things. When there’s a definitive launch date, there’s excitement, there’s this knowing that yes, this is happening! Just like booking a wedding photographer or event caterer, each design package involves booking a time slot for our design time. Each spot is two to four weeks depending on what website package you select. This gives you a definitive time frame that says “By this date, you will have a finished, polished, complete website!” No surprises, no problems, no projects dragging on and on and on. Complete. Now, that’s something to celebrate! Please contact me to view my current availability and book your date.




Let’s Design Your Website